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A Royal Wedding: Arrivals and Formations

Posted on Thu Jan 19th, 2023 @ 1:30am by King Aethan Velaryon & Lord Myles Lannister & Lord Aenar Velaryon & Ser Stevron Velaryon & Lady Myrcella Lannister & Lady Shireen Velaryon & Lady Lynora Lannister & Lady Myrielle Lannister & High Septon & Ser Renn Baratheon & Ser Russ Brune & Queen Joanna Velaryon & Ser Alixander Hightower

Mission: To Oldtown, With Love
Location: Oldtown, Various

The Starry Sept had stood for a thousand years before Aegon's Conquest and it's beauty persisted in the hundreds of years since. The dome of the Sept was rivalled only by the Sept of Recollection in King's Landing, but even that paled in comparison to the history and elaborate ornamentation of the Starry Sept.

Four score trumpeters lined the marble plaza square outside the Sept. Behind them, crowds of small folk and lesser lords alike coming to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. Cheers rang out from the crowd periodically.The sound of trumpets suddenly filled the square as wheelhouse after wheelhouse pulled by white horses broke through an opening in the crowd and towards the domed building.

The first wheelhouse came to a stop at the Sept entrance. A pair of footman jumped from the rail at the back of the wheelhouse and brought a set of steps to the vehicles door before reaching up and opening it. The first to exit was Lady Shireen Velaryon, the King's grandmother. She leaned on her silver cane as she climbed down the few steps. She was followed closely by her son Ser Stevron, Lord Admiral and lastly her grandson Lord Aenar Velaryon, the King's brother and the new Lord of the Tides.

The trio of white haired Velaryons were greeted by the High Septon, who had travelled to Oldtown with the court, dressed in golden robes with a crown of crystal atop his greyed head.

The next wheelhouse arrived from the Hightower itself. The servants leaped down and brought the steps to the door before opening it for Lord Jon, Lady Myrcella, and their son Alixander. Jon was now Lord Hightower, Beacon of the South, Defender of the Citadel, Voice of Oldtown, among other titles. Those formalities had been taken care of the night before. "You'll have a wedding of your own soon enough," he commented to his son.

Alixander, the young Hightower, his arms folded taut in anticipation over his chest, merely looked at his Lord and father. His mouth set in a line as duty prevailed. He nodded crisply once.

He had nearly failed to make it in time, but the next wheelhouse to arrive at the Starry Sept carried the new Lord Arryn with his wife, brother, and sister. The Vale would also be represented by his cousins, the Upcliffs, but Lord Upcliff had a wheelhouse of his own. Many of the other Vale lords were investigating the death of his predecessor, so perhaps he could not be faulted if he looked a little distractred, even among such magnificence.

The Upcliff wheelhouse was not as large or impressive as many of the other others. Only one footman attended the Valeman, he was quick to deploy the step for Lord Allard. Stepping into the light of the day Allard looked around at the gather crowd before following his liege lord into the Sept.

A large wheelhouse carrying the Lannister's pulled up behind the last of the Vale. As the steps were laid, the door opened to allow Lady Lynora and Lord Myles out. Both dressed in fine crimson and gold garb, adorned with lion ornamentation. Lynora's wimple was made of the most delicate looking silk embroidered in gold. Behind them were their daughters Myrielle and Myrcella wearing matching gowns of yellow. The girls looked radiant, clearly the Lannister attempted to remind everyone that they had unmarried daughters.

The Farmans had been fascinated with their visit to Oldtown, but they arrived in the wake of the Lannisters to whom they were sworn. Lady Farman stepped first from the wheelhouse, followed by her husband and children. She turned and looked briefly upon Arya with an especial tenderness. She already knew her daughter would be one of the queen's ladies and not returning with the rest of the family to Fair Isle.

The Baratheon delegation looked almost somber, yet black was one of their colors. But behind the glad eyes of there was mourning: after all, the Lady Baratheon was no longer with them. No esteemed lady stood with their entourage as Brannis led, his bastard brother Fionn in tow while Renn numbered among the Kingsguard.

Meanwhile at the Hightower, Aethan emerged into the morning sun to find his Kingsguard, and members of his Houseguard assembled. "Ser Russ!" He called out, approaching the swarm of armour clad men.

Sur Russ looked at Aethan "Your Grace, all is ready!" replied Russ. He looked at the other Kingsguard and the Velaryon House guard. The Kingsguard would be the inner guard to the King with two outer rings of the house guard with others in the crowds and lining the path they were to take. All the guards looked immaculate. Everything was ready for the King. Russ walked over to the King waiting for him to mount his horse. "Your Grace, A quick word with you?" Russ asked quietly.

Aethan nodded and gestured for the Lord Commander to follow him towards his steed. The white horse was draped in royal Velaryon heraldry, the crowned seahorse, as well as some silver armor. Steps were placed beside the horse for the King's ease in mounting her. He turned to face Ser Russ as they approached the horse.

Russ and a smile on his face as he looked over the King and the horse making sure everything was right. "Your Grace, I would like to give you some advice that my father-in-law gave me. He has been married for 40 years so I think he could know a few things about being married." Russ explained to Aethan in a respectful tone. Russ lowered his voice some. "Speak the truth always, always just answer Yes love, and she is always right even when she is not. A man is not complete until he is Married, and then he is finished," Russ said with a grin. "So, I depart these words to you, Your Grace, It helps me in my marriage," said Russ checking the last saddle strap.

The exchange left Aethan perplexed. Even before he was King this type of unsolicited counsel would have left him feeling as though the guard had overstepped. He dismissed this though. "Thank you, Ser Russ. Let's get on then, shall we."

When dismissed by Aethan he took his position in the left front almost next to the Horses head. He gave a signal to the Kingsguard to check their areas and the outer soldiers that they were ready and in position.

Renn obeyed with a nod, the storm of his eyes placid and alert as they swept to his first target. He moved into position and secured his zone.

The Lord Commander saw everyone was in place and ready. He looked up at the King for the order to start out. Russ was relaxed but alert his times at the Meereen Great Pit of Daznak had prepared him for this. The roar of the crowd could be heard as the trumpets sounded of the king's
the crowds can be so loud that a man can be shaken by the sound of it. Russ remembered the Great Pit of Daznak sound of the crowds defining you could feel it reverberate through your body. The cheers now from the crowd made things vibrate.

It was time to move. They moved out of the gate into the street there were city watch and other soldiers lining the path pushing the crowd back forcefully. The King and King's guard looked brilliant. The King's guard stayed in position around the king their formation giving coverage around the King. they would not react until someone or thing got within arms reach of the king and then take it or them down. The King's Guards watch as flowers were thrown in the path or at the King. anything more than that would get a response from the city watch and the King's Guard. one of force and maybe death depending on what was needed or ordered.

Turning down another street everything thing was going to plan. untell a child stepped out past the guards right in front of Russ. Taking another step forward getting in front of the King's horse. Russ's first thought was to kick the child back into the crowd. A woman screaming about the child got Russ's attention. Russ gave a grunt and looked at the child and stopped and using his arm and hand to sweep and push the child back into the crowd gently.

Without missing a step Russ was back in position next to the King like nothing had happened. Russ did not even look back to see what became of the child. He was sure it was taken care of and the child would be fine. Russ hoped that would be the biggest problem they would have for this part of the ceremony.


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