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Ser Stevron Velaryon

Name Stevron Velaryon

Position House Velaryon

Second Position Lord Admiral

Rank Ser

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Valyrian
Age 41
Home Kingdom Crownlands

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 198LBS
Hair Color White Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Ser Stevron Velaryon, known as the 'Velaryon Vision' for his male beauty. His hair is wavy and free.


House Velaryon
Father Lord Jorgen Velaryon (Deceased)
Mother Lady Shireen Velaryon nee Truefyre. Known as the Queen of the Seas
Brother(s) Lord Syraes Velaryon (Deceased)
Other Family King Aethan Velaryon, Nephew.

Ser Aenar Velaryon, Nephew.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stevron, or Ron, is a genuine and truthful man. He is known for his humour, and at times his inability to take situations seriously.

He is always jovial.
Ambitions To sail the seas in service to the Throne of the Six Kingdoms.