Royal Wedding: Ceremony

Posted on Mon Jan 30th, 2023 @ 8:44pm by King Aethan Velaryon & Lord Myles Lannister & Lord Aenar Velaryon & Lady Shireen Velaryon & Lady Lynora Lannister & Lady Myrielle Lannister & Lady Daena Celtigar & Lady Myrcella Lannister & Ser Russ Brune & Queen Joanna Velaryon

Mission: To Oldtown, With Love
Location: Starry Sept

Joanna was more nervous than she expected as she was led down the aisle, wearing a cloak of orange, red, white, and grey and a flowing white gown which flattered her statuesque figure without being immodest. She kept her eyes forward and her chin high, focusing on Aethan as she walked towards him. Towards him more than the Septon. She felt the old cloak removed as she faced the king, smiling almost shyly.

Barely able to contain his smile, Aethan reached out to hold his dear friend's hand in his. He allowed his thumbs to feel the softness of Joanna's skin. Around them, hundreds of lords and ladies gathered to watch the couple exchange their promise before the gods.

The Septon looked over the young couple. "You may now cloak the bride and bring her under your protection." He said, with a distinct pride in his voice.

Aethan let Joanna's hand go and removed his cloak, embroidered in seahorse motifs and crowns, as well as a number of smaller intricate symbols of Valyrian origin telling the storied history of House Velaryon. With the sea green cloak in hand, he moved towards his bride to place the garment on her shoulders. This part of the ceremony was possibly the most shrouded in symbolism. Dressing the bride in the colors of her new house and accepting her as a new member of the groom's family. As he finished he reached for Joanna's hand again.

Joanna held her husband's hand in hers. She knew the history of House Velaryon well but this moment was still intense. A gaining and a taking away. She took a deep breath and clasped her husband's hand.

"My lords, my ladies, we stand here in the sight of gods and men to witness the union of man and wife." The Septon wrapped the couple's joined hands in a gilded ribbon emblazoned with the seven pointed star of the faith. "Let it be known that Joanna of House Hightower and Aethan of House Velaryon are one heart, one flesh, one soul. Cursed be he who would seek to tear them asunder." The Septon placed his hand on the tied hands of the couple. "In the sight of the Seven, I hereby seal these two souls, binding them as one for eternity."

Joanna pressed her lips to Aethan's. "With this kiss, I pledge my love, and take you for my lord and husband, from this day until my last day."

Aethan allowed his lips to press against Joanna's and then, after a moment, pulled away. "I am hers and she is mine, from this day until my last day. I pledge my love and take you for my lady and wife."

Joanna smiled and turned glanced at the Septon before turning to the assembled lords.

"The love of the Seven is holy and eternal. The source of all life and love. We stand here in thanks and praise to join two souls as one. Father, Mother, Warrior, Smith, Maiden, Crone, Stranger." The Septon declared.

The Velaryon's in the first row of those gathered were the first to begin cheering and applauding. Shireen in particular looked positively jovial. The union meant the royal house's future was secure, or rather a step had been taken towards its security.

Lord Myles and the Lannisters applauded loudly as the couple faced the crowd. As did the Arryns and, of course, the Hightowers and all the lords of the Reach.