To Oldtown, With Love

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The Six Kingdoms rejoice! With the Iron Born rebellion under control for the time being, the Kingdoms turn their attention to happier events, namely the wedding of their new King.

In a break with tradition, the King will wed his intended in the birthplace of the Faith in Westeros, Oldtown.

Surveying the King's Shore

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Brannis Baratheon and Stevron Velaryon take a portion of the Royal Fleet to continue the search for Lady Lileander Baratheon, Brannis' mother, who was kidnapped during the Iron Born's raid on King's Landing.

What Came Before...

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Everyone has a backstory. A reason why they are how they are.

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The Great Council

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The Iron Price

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A new day has dawned on the Six Kingdoms of Westeros. Aethan Velaryon is King, crowned before the Gods. As Kings's Landing settles into life under the Velaryon dynasty, rebellion takes hold of the city.

The Iron Born, snubbed following the Great Council, attack the city of King's Landing in protest and flee.

The Kings calls on his Wardens to put down the insurgency and take the Iron Islands.