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Ser Russ Brune

Name Russ Garrett Brune

Position Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

Rank Ser

Character Information

Gender Male
Race First Men
Age 30s
Home Kingdom Crownlands

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 2"
Weight 250
Hair Color Brownish red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Russ appears in his 30s. He is of large stature and muscular having broad shoulders. His eyes are deep blue his dark hair and beard are well kept. Russ is 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighs 250 lb. His skin is tan from long hours in the sun. Russ has multiple scars across his body from battles fought. He is normally in Clothing with the colors house of the Celtigar family. Most of the time dressed in Armor given to him by Lord Haerys Celtigar with a shoulder pad with markings Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Sword, knife, or other weapons when needed.


House Brune ward to House Celtigar
Spouse Eleana Carpenter Locke Brune (Deceased)
Children Almia Reina Locke Brune (Deceased)
Father Ser Daris Russ Brune (Deceased)
Mother Lady Reina Alysia Brune (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) none
Other Family House of Celtigar

Father-in-law Jadhar Locke Master merchant from Braavos

Personality & Traits

General Overview Russ lives to explore and learn about combat. To learn what the world has to offer. Seeking relief from the loss of his wife Eleana, and baby Almia. He has been training for years now. He is ready for the world and to add to the House Celtigar and House Brune's reputation. Russ likes his stuff to be clean and to have every element of his life tidy and in order, but he also can get upset when something is out of order.

Russ has not always agreed with the policies of the other noble families. But like every good soldier, he followed his orders. There is only a line Russ does not cross he would not harm women and children. Russ is a man of honor like his father. Showing valor, chivalry, honesty, and compassion are his traits. Russ is known for his kindness and heroism. Russ has earned respect through the years as a skilled swords men and tactician. Russ believes all people regardless of station deserve to be treated with dignity. Russ sometimes gets a little over-aggressive when dealing with people that show a lack of respect for rank or status.
Ambitions Russ wants to have family be a Lord to have a small Keep. He has now reached his favorite job as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Maybe be the hand of the king
Hobbies & Interests Russ likes to drink and be with his men having a good time. Russ collects swords and daggers from different lands. He likes to study military tactics. Russ does read literature mostly poems.

Russ's fighting skills are above most others. He has been training for over 20 years as a soldier and loves it. Training in tactics, strategies, weapons, and Pankration fighting. Russ can be deadly with his hands as he is with weapons. He is a Master with most blades, spears, and shields. He might not always use a bow. Some say he might be good with it.

Personal History Russ was born to Sir Daris and Lady Reina Brune of the house of Brune. They had a place not too far from Dyre Den. Their life was relatively quiet until Russ turned 8. a mother caught the fever and died. Russ and his father Daris were devastated. His father started to train Russ on how to be a knight.

When Russ turned 10 he and his father would go out with House Celtigar for a battle Russ was his father's squire. The battle did not go well. Daris Brune was blamed. In the end, the battle was won, but his Father was killed. There were a lot of rumors about the death of his father. Some say Lord Haerys Celtigar executed him others say he died in battle.

Russ was a ward to old Lord Haerys Celtigar, at 10 years old. Russ was treated like family for the most part by Lord Haerys Celtigar. Russ is well-liked by the family but no one goes out of the way for him. This will put Russ in the middle of noble politics with no title. It was hard on RuPeoples's he earned Peoples respect over time.

Russ was trained by Lord Haerys Celtigar for the house of Celtigar or as a swords men part of the house guard. He has been training most of his life to be a knight and soldier. this training lasted 7 years Russ serving Lord Haerys Celtigar.

Russ got to do some travel to learn more about swords fighting and warfare. spending over a year at the Bay of Dragons in Meereen Great Pit of Daznak. There Russ met a woman a daughter of a merchant Eleana Locke. They courted for a short time. Jadhar Locke Master merchant Her father gave Russ permission to marry his daughter. They returned to the crownlands in Westeros Russ was given a small home to the live in. given by House of Celtigar It was one year later when they were to have a baby. There were complications during the birth. Russ's wife Eleana and the baby Almia died. Russ was crushed by his experience.

Russ burned the place down and left wondering for 6 months before Lady Daena pushed him to join the King's Guard with King Waynn and to use his skills for a good purpose. To give Russ a place to start again.

Russ was recommended for the house guard and was accepted by the Blackbush the Lord commander and the late King. On two occasions Russ protected the king.

As the story goes King Waynn was moving through the city and there was an attempt on his life. Russ helped stop the man before he could even get close to King Waynn. Russ takes a crossbow bolt in the side. The bolt from the crossbow did not go too deep Russ's armor saved him. After a week of recovery, Russ was called before the King and was knighted by the King for saving the King's life.

The second time was in the castle in the king's halls. Russ realized the real intentions of an ambassador messenger. The messenger was to try to kill King Waynn. Again the messenger did not get close to the King. Russ intercepted him in the halls and a fight started Russ ended up killing the messenger.

Russ was before King Waynn again. The King asked Russ to join the King's bodyguards with the approval of the Lord Commander. It was a great honor that did not last long. It was a sad day with King Waynn death and burial. Now with the Ser Blackbush Lord Commander passing. The King who would become The Lord Commander. King Velaryon approved and promoted Russ to Lord Commander.

Now Russ serves every day making sure the King and the royal family are safe.