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Midnight Meetings

Posted on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 4:46pm by King Aethan Velaryon & Lord Myles Lannister & Ser Stevron Velaryon & Lord Garth Blackwater & Lord Jonah Tully & Lord Brannis Baratheon & Ser Thommas Blackbush & Grand Maester Othro
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Mission: The Small Council
Location: Small Council Chamber, The Red Keep
Timeline: Early Morning, 11th Day of the 12th Moon,404 AC

The walk from his apartments to the Small Council chambers had shown Aethan how the panic was already spreading. He kept his eyes focused and his face stone so as not to further the feeling of anxiety among his people. As he pushed open the doors to the Small council he found that his councillors had already arrived.

“My Lords, thank you for coming together so quickly. As I’m certain you’ve noticed, we have a rather pressing situation.” The King did not sit, he stayed standing behind the chair that was usually reserved for the monarch.

The Grand Maester also remained standing, a deep, thoughtful frown on his face. His hands rested on the back of his chair and he leaned forward slightly.

Garth sat in the chair of the Hand of the King which was on the opposite side of the table, but when the King entered, he struggled to his feet. He was most displeased, for in his view, he had implored the King to allow him to take steps to avoid this very situation and he was rebuffed. He frowned rather uncharacteristically, looking at his king.

"The Ironborn have overstepped themselves considerably, Your Grace. They must be brought to heel and, I'm afraid, taught a lesson that history will not forget or else you will be seen as weak."

"Lord Garth is underselling it. An enemy force is raiding King's Landing. Your city, Your Grace. We first need to gather the majority of the castle garrison, and whatever Goldcloaks we can gather, and ride out to strike them down." Jon rose to his feet, part in respect and part in conviction. "These are not pets that snapped at their masters, they're hunting hounds that killed their master's child."

Aethan nodded, impressed with Lord Tully's passion. Perhaps he had placed the Riverlord in the wrong position, but that was a matter for another day. "Lord Jonah, you and Ser Thommas rally the troops and ride to meet them.

"Ser Thommas!" Jon called at the white-armoured knight standing at the door as he approached him. "Rouse the entire garrison, and rouse your brothers. We'll take two thirds of the men and leave the rest to guard the castle."

"Lord Brannis," Aethan looked to his Master of Ships and then toward his Lord Admiral, "and Ser Stevron. Ready the royal fleet. I don't want the Ironborn to retreat by sea, they will answer for their treason."

Stevron nodded, he was ready to get back to sea after so long seated in the council chambers. "Lady Celtigar has a ships in Blackwater Bay, I'll rouse her and her commanders. Your Lord Brother, Your Grace, has the High Tide Flotilla at his command for the occasion of you Coronation, the rest of the Velaryon fleets can be underway as soon as they're notified."

Brannis had been speaking to a young Aide with a flurry of information, "The Baratheon fleet is at your disposal. My brother Fionn is in command of our Bronze fleet. The Ironborn set fire several of your galleons, My King. But the fleet is making ready to sail." He turned to look at his Grandfather, "Grandfather. Where is the Redwyne fleet? Could they be sent raven to fan out and look for the Ironborn?"

"Lord Redwyne is still here in King's Landing with a large portion of his fleet docking at Stonedance. They could be here in several hours, less time if the wind is with them," Lord Garth said, taking his cane toped with a gilded rose and standing as well. He used to be a man of some military prowess and he was, debatably, the wealthiest man in Westeros. Old as he was, and cerebral, he was still a fighter for great causes. He yearned to act. "My Lord, we should have been ready for such an attack here in King's Landing considering the animosity the Greyjoys bore you. We cannot erase what has been done or left undone, but we can act now swiftly and with great energy. We must show all of Westeros that this new government stands firm and with the backing of all the major powers. For that reason, I propose this: allow me to lead a fleet with an army to Pyke, where I shall lay waste to they Greyjoy seat, capture prisoners, and remind the whelps from that filthy grey rock who their true lord is. I shall send a raven to my eldest in Highgarden and he shall sail with the fleets of the Reach to support me. If Lord Myles will join me with his ships and men, we shall be, for the Ironborn, an unstoppable force."

Aethan regarded his Hand with a strange fascination. "Lord Myles, can you rally the Western armies to our cause?"

The elder Lannister was nearly sleeping in his seat. "Yes, Your Grace." He said before allowing a dry cough to escape his chest. "I will send a raven to my brother Lorel. He will march the troops and ready our ships to take the Iron Islands."

"Your Grace." Ser Thommas approached the King. "If you'd allow me, I recommend you move this to Maegor's Holdfast. There are tunnels in the castle at large we've not discovered yet, but we know all those in the Holdfast. You and your lords will be safer there than here."

Aethan nodded. "Grand Maester Othro, Will you see that the ravens are sent for my Lords?"

"Yes, Your Grace," Othro said, lowering his head, but then he paused. "Your Grace, it is perhaps a small thing but I would suggest that you make a formal statement on the matter from the throne so soon as the Kingsguard feels it is safe. For we Westerosi, government is not an abstraction. It is important that you be seen."

"I must agree, Grand Maester." Aethan said, nodding."Once the pertinent ravens are sent, you will help me draft it." He looked around. "All that said, I believe we all have work to attend to, and I fear Ser Thommas may carry me to Maegor's Holdfast should we not make our way soon."

"Yes, Your Grace," the Grand Maester agreed.


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