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Lord Garth Blackwater

Name Garth Blackwater

Position Lord of Highgarden

Rank Lord

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Reachman
Age 78
Home Kingdom The Reach

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Hair Color White (Formerly Light Brown)
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Aging, but sturdy and alert.


House Blackwater
Spouse Elyn Sweet Blackwater (Dead)
Children Parmen Blackwater, son and heir
Lileander Baratheon, daughter and Lady Paramount of the Stormlands
Colin Blackwater, son and knight
Father Edgar Blackwater

Personality & Traits

General Overview An introverted, logical, and perceptive man, his talent is in his ability to think through any issue. His great ambition is to solidify the honor of his house, which was started by Bronn the sellsword, his grandfather.