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Lord Jonah Tully

Name Jonah Jon Tully

Position Lord of the Crossing

Second Position Master of Coin

Rank Lord

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Riverman
Age 37
Home Kingdom Riverlands

Physical Appearance

Height 178cm
Weight 84kg
Hair Color Black with silver streaks at the temples
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jonah looks in the prime of his strength. Looking as comfortable in his courtly clothing as he does in his armour, he is rarely seen without the sword he earned in Essos. He keeps his hair relatively short so it would not be a bother under his helmet.

His back and chest each have their own scar where a crossbow bolt punctured his armour during a battle.


House Tully of the Twins
Spouse None
Children None
Father Edmund Tully - Deceased
Mother Allisaine Crakehall - Deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Mellisa Prester
Other Family Lord Robb Tully, father of Edmund Tully. - Deceased
Lord Brynden 'Blackfish' Tully, father of Robb Tully - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonah, Jon to his friends, is a calm man. He is not prone to violence, not prone to speeches, nor is he prone to drink himself into a stupor. What he is, however, is a man of honour and pride. He has earned the tales told of his prowess, and the tales of righteous deeds.

It is difficult to get Jon to anger, but equally difficult to get him on your side. His first loyalty lies with his liege and family, House Tully of Riverrun.
Ambitions To help maintain the piece in the Riverlands, to find a wife and bring forth children, and help grow the small town at the twins.
Hobbies & Interests While known as a keen swordsman, a strong duelist, and a respected jouster, the thing Jonah enjoys most is sitting at the hearthfire with a good book and a mug of spiced wine.

He also enjoys raising dogs, not for hunting but for company.

Personal History Jonah was the fifth son born to Lord Edmund but the only son who survived beyond a week. His father was a hard bastard of a man who tried to raise his son to be the same.

Edmund passed away on Jonah's seventh birthday, which made him Lord Tully of the Twins at that time. The boy was not ready for the reponsibility. This is where his mother, Lady Allisaine stepped in. She was always the power behind the throne for her husband. While Lord Edmund could issue the orders, and was a monster on the battlefield, it was his wife that ran the castle, the bridge, and most of the meetings.

She sent Jonah to Riverrun, first to be a page to Lord of Riverrun, and then to be his squire. The boy loved the large castle. While the Twins was two castles, they were far more utilitarian than the seat of his liegelord. The boy spent hours in the sunny Godswood, studying the trees and playing with the other children.

When he was thirteen he squired for Ser Jeremon Tully, the second son of the Lord of the Riverland. Jeremon took the boy to Essos. Ostensibly to help Jonah's education and to learn about the world. In truth Jeremon had signed on with the Company of the Rose to flee gambling debts and to earn money to pay for them.

For four long years the pair fought in battles between the Free Cities. During this time Jonah earned his knighthood by the hands of Jeremon. He earned it by grabbing Jeremon's horse and using the destrier to charge into the five men-at-arms trying to kill the knight.

Jonah ran over the first two with the horse before jumping off as the stallion ran away. He pulled free his sword, slid the axe swung at his head off before using the dagger in his off-hand to slit the man's throat.

Jeremon fought the fourth man in a straight duel. But having lost blood, Jeremon was quickly losing the speed he needed.

The fifth tried to slide his sword under Jonah's pauldron, but his bellowing let Jonah turn and the strike ran across his breastplate as the knight-to-be took off his attacker's head.

At the same time Jeremon's sword found a chink in the chainmail of his opponent and slid the blade through the heart and out the back.

A year and a half after earning his knighthood Jonah returned to Westeros without his cousin. Jeremon found his death fighting for the city of Mereen two months before. Jeremon's death was the reason Jonah returned with the bones and sword of his cousin.

He returned to a house in ruins. His mother had slowly lost her wits over the last two years. She invited soothsayers and magii into the Twins, and chased near all of the castle's staff away.

Where once the castle had a standing guard of a fifty men on each side of the bridge to ensure the tolls were paid and the peace was kept, now there were fifteen men left.

Jonah travelled to the Twins with fifteen men from Riverrun, seven knights and eight squires. When they forced entry into the eastern castle the guards left tried to kill the rightful lord of the castle. Their heads were swiftly dispatched by the eleven knights they faced.

Lady Allisaine, once the bright spark in the Twins was left as a crying mess as she laid eyes on her son, the spitting imagine of her husband in his youth. She cried and weeped as she thought she saw the ghost of her husband returned to spite her.

Before Jonah could stop his mother she dashed up the steps to the tower. Fear made her faster than her son and he caught sight of her at the top of the tower, right as she stood upon the parapets. "Be gone ghost! I will not love you like I loved my husband!" she declared before she threw herself down into the icy water of the Trident.

It was by the blessing of the Seven that Ser Joff Fisher could grab Jonah before he dove after his mother in despair.

For seven and seven days and night the halls of the Twins was silent but for the talk of seven knights and eight squires. Their sixteenth man was alone, in a room. Jonah was either raging, crying, or sinking into despair. Three steel blades he dulled and shattered as he worked his anger out on the solid stone wallls of his room.

On the fourteenth day he emerged. His eyes were as hard as steel. His jaw was set. He knew what he had to do. He asked the seven knights to stay and aide him in rebuilding. Four said no, three said yes.

And for over a decade and a half Jonah Tully has been rebuilding the reputation of House Tully of the Twins. The toll has returned, though more fair than it was under his father. He has built a sept on the eastern shore, and allowed people to settle the land again after his mother chased them away.

He know comes to King's Landing, not only for the Council, but to find new allies and a wife.