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Lord Brannis Baratheon

Name Brannis Baratheon

Position House Baratheon

Second Position Master of Ships

Rank Lord

Character Information

Gender Male
Race First Men
Age 31
Home Kingdom Storm's End

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 195lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey-Green
Physical Description A handsome man with a pirate-like, roguish charm and an easy smile, Brannis has quite the reputation as a politically savvy merchant prince, more than a warrior.


House House Baratheon / House Blackwater
Spouse Lady Sirei Baratheon
Father Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, Stonn Baratheon
Mother Lady Lileander Blackwater
Brother(s) Ser Renn Baratheon (Younger; Agd 27)
Fionn Storm (Illegitimate brother through Lord Baratheon; Age 15)
Sister(s) Brien Baratheon (Younger Sister, Age 19)
Lyselle Storm (Illegitimate sister through Lord Baratheon; Age 25)
Lavelle Storm (Illegitimate sister through Lord Baratheon; Age 25)
Other Family Lord and Lady Blackwater of Highgarden (Maternal Grandparents)
Lord Stokard and Lady Brien Baratheon (nee Trant; Storm's End; Deceased)
Lord Barristor Baratheon (Uncle, younger brother to Lord Stonn Baratheon; Age 56)

Personality & Traits

Ambitions Brannis Baratheon couldn't give a damn about the Six Kingdoms, who is King or- frankly- who rules Storm's End as long as he has the purse strings. Brannis' love has always been money, trade, foreign women, and the sea- pretty much in that order. He has the same lusty habits that seem to taint so many Baratheon men before him- and a similar shortsightedness that has brought down his ancestors.

Brannis is a shrewd, rather ruthless negotiator and merchant, and he is quite greedy under all that charm. He is also vain, likes his people to love him- and so many of his smallfolk and bannermen consider him generous. He is a steward of the land who has expanded and improved upon Storm's End's ports and roads- but in reality, it is entirely to benefit him, his treasury, and his trade partners. Happy bannermen are made by making them rich. Happy smallfolk are made content by merriments and supposed tax generosity. But he is counting every copper and feels no compunction about reminding those of his past generosity (while threatening to end it) to get what he wants.

Brannis has no head for war and borders on being a coward when it comes to personal, physical combat. He enjoys being ruthless to his financial enemies, and so he truly behaves a bit more like a Mafioso- as long as his hands are personally clean, his conscience is clear and he can be as ruthless as distance allows.
Hobbies & Interests Sailing, trading, lavish private parties for his favorites, hunting trips (always with prospective clients). He has a fondness for foreign women- especially those from the Summer Isles. Though he is married, he is completely faithless to his wife whom he sees as the signature of a deal, a sealed alliance, and nothing more. He'll make heirs and bed whatever other women he pleases.