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Posted on Thu Apr 29th, 2021 @ 4:11pm by Lord Aethan Velaryon & Lord Myles Lannister & Ser Stevron Velaryon & Lady Shireen Velaryon & Lady Lynora Lannister & Lady Myrielle Lannister & Lady Myrcella Lannister & Lady Daena Celtigar & Steffon Lannister & Lyle Lannister & Lord Jonah Tully & Lord Samwell Tully & Lord Garth Blackwater & Ser Jevan Darry & Ser Renn Baratheon & Lady Joanna Hightower & Lord Brannis Baratheon & Lord Alfaric Dondarrion & Ser Luthor Mullendore & Ser Alixander Hightower & Lady Neia Greyjoy & Lady Sharra Arryn & Prince Nymor Martell

Mission: The Great Council
Location: Seasmoke Hold
Timeline: The evening before the Great Council

OOC: Add you NPCs if you’d like. This post is 100% optional depending on how you all feel about the Velaryon’s and/or the Hightower’s

The gardens at Seasmoke Hold were lit ever so softly by the setting sun as Servants swarmed about lighting lanterns adorned with either a Velaryon seahorse or a Hightower flame topped tower. The sweet-salty air of the Blackwater was mixed with flowers and various food that covered tables, waiting and ready for the guests to arrive.

Lady Shireen, ever the dictatorial matriarch, stomped around the gardens waving her cane to protest this or that and demand the servants right it immediately. “You really think it appropriate to have flowers from the Riverlands in arrangements meant to celebrate a union between the Reach and the Crownlands. Take them out. All of them. Now!” She commanded of all servants within earshot.

Quickly they all set to work removing the white flowers from the arrangements and discarding them out of sight.

Stevron was much cooler. His brocade leather coat was open revealing a glowing white tunic beneath. He laughed watching Shireen flutter about.

Lady Hightower, of course, arrived before the guests. Aside from her household guard, she was accompanied by the same small party who attended her everywhere, Ser Luthor Mullendore and Septa Pernyssa. She had sent a raven to her family but there had not been time for any of them to travel to King's Landing. She had brought fewer of them to King's Landing than most of the High Lords and Ladies. What was the message? That they were needed in Oldtown in her absence? That she was confident in her own abilities? That she did not quite trust her uncle? Perhaps all three.

After being shown in, she went straight to Lady Shireen and inclined her head. "Lady Shireen..." she began but then she grinned. "Would it be terribly presumptuous of me to call you grandmother?"

Shireen smiled warmly. “Not at all. Family is family.”

“I’m so glad to hear that.” A figure approached them. The tall woman dressed in black with red hair that receded far more than most women of middle age.

Recognition clicked with Shireen and she smiled again. “Lady Joanna Hightower, this is Lady Daena Celtigar. Lord Aethan’s aunt by his Mother.” She spoke plainly. “But why are you here?” She asked.

Daena extended a hand to Joanna. “Lady Hightower.” She curtseyed deeply and exaggerated.

Joanna returned the curtsey just as deeply, speaking carefully and properly. "Lady Celtigar. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

“What is it we’re celebrating?” Daena asked poignantly. “That my Lord Father has finally passed.” A look of pure relief painted Lady Celtigar’s face perhaps that with a mix of dark humour. “Gods know it was long past his time.”

"I'm sorry to hear," Joanna said softly. "But, of course, we wouldn't celebrate such a thing.

“Gods be good, we had no idea.” Shireen was concerned that the event would be seen as poor taste given the development. “Lady Joanna and your nephew are announcing their engagement tonight.”

Daena’s face conveyed her joy at the revelation. “Congratulations!” She grasped for Joanna’s hands. “A fine match indeed.”

Joanna happily took her hands and her smile returned. "Thank you, Lady Celtigar!"

Lady Celtigar was beaming, she was very happy for her nephew and his bride-to-be.

The family reunion was cut short by the arrival of the first guests. From a coach emblazoned with the Lion sigil, a flood of gold poured out. Lord Myles Lannister, his wife, and children , all flanked by a pair of guards in Lannister uniforms.

They approached the place where Shireen and Joanna stood with Lady Daena.

“Welcome to Seasmoke Hold Lord Myles.” Shireen said upon his approach. She extended a hand to the aged Westerman.

He accepted her gesture and quickly turned his attention to Joanna. “And this must be Lady Joanna Hightower.”

"Indeed, my Lord of Lannister. It is a pleasure," Joanna says warmly.

Myles looked past Joanna to the decor that filled the gardens.

Lady Lynora took in the facade of Joanna. "Such a singular beauty." She said with a smile.

"You are too kind, my lady," Joanna said.

Lynora reached out and placed a hand on Joanna's cheek. "Singular indeed." She slapped it playfully, but perhaps a bit too rough.

As Lord and Lady Lannister made introductions, their children dispersed into the party.

A carriage had arrived at Jon's home. Riding it were Riverrun Tully men, and two knights followed it. Usually, Jon would have written his horse to any such parties. But Samwell Tully could not ride a horse, and this was the first time Jon was acting as the official heir to Riverrun, and thus he should follow his Lord Uncle.

"Jevan!" Jon called from the door. "Lord Samwell has arrived. We need to go!" He brushed down his new blue and red tunic shirt again, straightening it out as he waited for his knight.

He'd fallen briefly behind, caught for a brief moment of indecision between the two tunics he'd brought with him, but Jevan picked his pace up another notch at hearing Jon's shout. "I'm here!" He shouted from the steps as he careened down, through the hallway and bounced onto the cobblestones beside the lord. "Sorry, Jon," Jevan said, running a hand through his hair - a nervous tell - as he regarded the carriage. "Should I help you up?" The younger man asked with an impish grin.

"Get in the carriage and apologise to Lord Samwell for being tardy. Today I'm serving as his bannerman and heir. That means that your mistakes reflect badly on me, and thus on Lord Samwell." Jon explained as he gently pushed Jevan to the carriage.

That smirk vanished as Jon's words washed over Jevan and the knight moved, his head momentarily bowed. He waited until Jon was seated before he looked back up again, contrition colouring his expression as Jevan regarded the older man. "My apologies, Jon," he said, quietly and sincerely this time. "I'll let Lord Samwell know this was all my fault." A sharp inhale and a slower exhale followed before Jevan added. "I won't let you down, my lord," he stated, letting Jonah know he was slipping now into a more official capacity.

"Come lads, we are expected." An old man's voice came from the carriage. Samwell smiled at both men as they both joined them. "Ser Jevan Darry, you have grown since Jonah brought you to Riverrun as his squire that first time. You look well, my boy. Strong, like a proper knight should be."

"Humble apologies, for my tardiness, Lord Samwell," Jevan offered as his first point of order, his gaze moving from respectfully low to direct and unflinchingly genuine. The smile came slowly, catching one side of the younger man's mouth before the other as he nodded in confirmation. "Yessir," he confirmed. "My lord has guided and taught me well. If we find trouble, rest assured you have a safe pair of hands in me."

The Lord of Highgarden stepped out of his carriage, rose-cane in hand, and then helped his granddaughter down after him. He had given his blessing to Aethan and Joanna to marry and he was quite determined to be there when they announced their intention. The two of them proceeded into the gardens, looking around for one person in particular. Once Garth's grey eyes fell on the Velaryon matriarch, they made a bee-line for her.

"Lady Shireen, what beautiful festivities you've arranged," he said, stopping before her.

The elder Velaryon half smiled. "Lord Garth. So good to see you up and about." Shireen was truly happy to see him, although she wasn't sure of the outcome of the conversation between Aethan and Garth.

"I have a cane, you know how it is, but nothing is going to keep me out of the action this year." Garth said with a warm grin. "There's something in the air in this city, you know. A big change is coming; I'm old enough that I can feel it in my bones."

Shireen nodded. “I couldn’t agree more.” Her smile was sincere. “All set for the council then?” She asked casually.

"Hardly, madam. I am stuck between all the possibilities, trying to see which one shall benefit my family most in future. You understand. My hope is that things will become clear enough in the near future to make my council preparations clean, easy, and eager." Garth said, knowing the woman spoke his language. Though he had given his support to Jon Tully privately, his mind was still open to the possibilities and he planned to change with changing times.

Shireen nodded. "Of course." She spoke with a slow determined timbre. " I did want to thank you for your blessing of this union. I know it meant a lot to dear Joanna."

"Aethan is fortunate indeed to have won her hand and it was my pleasure to offer it. She is a jewel with a sharp keen mind." Garth said in genuine admiration. "I hope he values her."

"Aethan has cherished her since the pair were children." Shireen said, her blue eyes shining. "Although it creates complications in the line of succession for both houses, I'm certain we can fix it well for both parties."

“Aethan has already assured me of the same. I am sure we can figure something out in time.”

Renn Baratheon was in a somber mood, green eyes gazing over the gathering of happiness. He smiled politely, nodded restfully as dignitaries moved and flitted by to acknowledge the young Baratheon. Brannis had, for the moment, disappeared into the milling of crowds. He was ever the businessman, ever the connector and smoother of deals. Lileander was absent, reasons unspoken to her male children, and told by her lady in waiting that their mother was simply not feeling well. That left the Baratheon men somewhat stag.

Aethan finally decided to emerge, seeing that throngs of guests had already arrived. He spotted Renn and waved him over. "Thank you for coming." He said, there was a sense that he was holding back.

"Of course," Renn replied to his contemporary. The air, the spirit, of their surroundings was festive but Aethan seemed so restrained. "You seem preoccupied My Lord," Renn said between them. "Where are your thoughts, if I may be so brazen to ask?"

Aethan took a goblet of wine from a passing servant. “Everywhere and nowhere.” He said. “Just hoping tonight goes well and the council goes in our favour tomorrow.” He admitted, taking a gulp from his drink.

Renn nodded silent agreement. His eyes fell on the drink the Velaryon took, but more distracted by the lips that wrapped it. He'd kissed those lips. "I hope so..." the Baratheon murmured privately, "But I sent raven home and to Braavos in case..." he confided.

"Whatever for?" Aethan asked, pulling the goblet from his lips.

Renn met Aethan's eyes but said nothing more of it except for a raise of his brow. His gaze shifted to Aethan's mouth for a second of respite, then back, "Do you like parties, Lord Velaryon?" He asked. He smiled a small smile, "I feel like I've seen more lords in formal dress the past days than I did a whole year in Storm's End."

“Depending upon what the party is for. I dare say we’ve had few happy occasions as of late.” The Velaryon looked around nervously, hoping no one would suspect anything of the conversation between the two young men.

Renn agreed, "True. Still, so many meetings. Gatherings." He cast gaze to Aethan, "You look nervous..." He said again. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

Having greeted the Lannisters, it was then that Lady Joanna decided to join her betrothed and greet her Baratheon guests. She came up behind Lord Aethan and casually rested her hand in the crook of his arm. She smiled warmly at Ser Renn but didn't speak immediately, allowing Lord Aethan to manage the formal introductions.

Aethan forced a very convincing smile as Joanna approached. "Ser Renn have you met Lady Joanna Hightower?" He asked, reaching out for Joanna's hand.

"I hear you're something of a poet?" she said, entwining her fingers with Aethan's.

The Baratheon, somewhat surprised, raised a brow. He’d never considered himself very poetic but he liked poetry. Then he forced a shy smile, curling his hair back behind the shell of his ear, “If there is poetry in silence, maybe.” He nodded respect to the Lady of Hightower, “I haven’t met her before. My Lady Hightower.”

Aethan smiled as Renn tucked his hair behind his ear.

"There is," Joanna said, more to cover her apparent error than anything else.

Renn smiled at her albeit with the shyness of a stranger meeting a stranger for the first time- cautiously open, “I agree, My Lady.” He bowed with respect to her, “It is nice to meet you in person,” Renn added. “Our Maester was from Oldtown, before he forged his chain. Oldtown may be my mother’s favorite city in the Realm.”

"Oldtown breeds more than its share of Maesters," Joanna said, almost whistfully. "There's something about growing up in the shadow of those learned halls and great libraries that tends to turn the mind that way."

“Nobility of service.” Renn mused with a rise of his brow, “Rising above stations and politics to be something more.”

Aethan smiled to both of them. He always admired Joanna's desire for information, and Renn seemed to have a really unique view of the world. "We should find my Grandmother, it looks like almost everyone is here." Aethan said to Joanna.

"Let's," Joanna agreed.

With that, Aethan gave a subtle wink to Renn as the couple left him arm in arm. "Tell me, has my grandmother allowed you any freedom in the planning and decoration tonight?"

"Very little," Joanna admitted. "However, perhaps House Hightower might host the wedding itself. It is traditional, depending."

Aethan gave a slight nod. "Whatever you'd like." He smiled at her and grasped her hand.

She returned the smile. "Thank you, my love."

"Is that my aunt?" Aethan asked, scrunching his brow slightly.

"Yes, I spoke to her earlier," Joanna noted.

"I didn't know she was coming. Is my Lord Grandfather about as well?" Aethan asked sincerely. It had been some time since he had seen his mother's family, specifically his Grandfather.

"I'm not sure," Joanna said, looking around. "I haven't seen him."

That worried Aethan. Particularily once he noticed his aunt wore black.

As it happened, Lady Daena spotted the couple and crossed eagerly to meet them. "Nephew." She immediately pulled him into an embrace. "So good to see you. I've met your bride of course."

"Good to see you and well." He returned her embrace. "Where is Lord Celtigar?"

Daena's face dropped. "He died." She said plainly. "Just days ago."

Aethan nodded. He had a feeling. "I suppose it was his time."

"Well past." Daena said with a consoling smile.

"My condolences, my lady," Joanna said softly.

Aethan nodded. His Grandfather had always evaded death, well past a century. It was a wonder he had lasted that long, with the way he drank to excess. "I suppose that makes you Lady of Claw Isle now."

Daena nodded. It had been some time since there was a ruling lady on the Isle. She was determined to do well in her role. "It seems ruling ladies are popping up more and more in the realm" She smiled at Joanna.

"There is a history of it in some places," Joanna said, returning the smile gently.

Daena smiled warmly. "Not on Claw Isle. I'll be the first." She paused. "Though Lady Wenda Celtigar served in her son's stead until he came of age."


The carriage after Lord Garth's was a Tully carriage. The footman jumped off and quickly opened the door. First out was Jevan, then Jon, and finally Samwell Tully. The old man aided by Jon. "Come, let us say our greetings to Lady Shireen first." Samwell said softly to the two other men.

Jevan looked to Samwell and nodded, then led the way into the gardens to seek out the lady in question. Shireen Velaryon was not usually difficult to locate in any crowd.

"Let's go Jonah." Samwell said as he used his cane to move himself forward. Jon followed like the dutiful bannerman he was, a half step behind Samwell. "Lord Garth, Lady Shireen." Samwell said in a kindly tone. "How wonderful to see you both."

"And you, Lord Samwell." Shireen folded her hand on her silver cane. "Welcome to Seasmoke Hold."

"Thank you for having us." Samwell replied back. "And may I say my lady, you look even more fetching than you did when we were young." He gave her a playful smile.

If Shireen had any warmth left in her body she might have blushed. Instead, she nodded with a forced smile. "Thank you Lord Samwell, " She looked to his stomach. "It appears you are being well taken care of."

"Lady Shireen." Jon said, giving the Velaryon matron a pleasant smile. "Lord Garth." He gave the Lord of Highgarden a respectful nod. "This is Ser Jevan Darry, a trusted knight in my service and my former ward."

Lady Shireen smirked. "Ser Jevan, I hope you're keeping Lord Jonah in line."

"Always, my lady," noted Jevan with a respectfully low bow and an impish smile. His gaze switched from Shireen to Garth in turn as he bowed a second time. "My Lord."

Samwell rested his hands on his belly. It was not overly large, but with Samwell's age he wasn't out in the field as much as he used to so the food stuck with him. "My cook is blessed by the Mother Above for her talents." The old man chuckled kindly. "Will you excuse me, my knees are not what they used to be. I cannot stand for very long any more."

"Jevan, would you help Lord Samwell find a chair?" Jon said to his knight. "My congratulations on the great match for your grandson, my lady." then said to Shireen. "I hope Aethan and Joanna find happiness together."

"Yessir," agreed Jevan swiftly, ducking out of the way of the conversation politely and offering his hooked right arm for Lord Samwell to use as a stability device. "I'd be honoured to hear any stories you want to share, my lord," he told the older man. "Especially if they're about fighting, or about Jon," he added with a hopeful grin.

"Thank you Lord Tully. I imagine they will." Shireen pursed her lips slightly. "They've known each other for most of their lives, it seems a natural pairing."



She dismounted her horse with a flourish of iron and leather. It was strange to see a Greyjoy on horseback, but Neia Blue-Cheek had an odd fondness for the animal that didn’t quite extend to her passion for the rudder. Seasmoke Hold erupted from the Earth and even Neia- as much as her mother had once called her patient- saw little to enjoy about its architecture. She thrust the reins of her beast into the hands of a waiting stable lad. She strode past him, “Watch her,” she said with a harsh stare of her blue eyes. She looked back to check out his ass and, privately, smirked.

No Greyjoy adorned in the method of a Westerosi, their soft and velvety ways were offensive to Ironborn eyes. They looked like fat raisins on withered summer vines, well past the plucking date. A hundred years of piece had grayed the population and Neia watched them mince and preen at one another. They were as bad as the masters of Slaver’s Bay. Soft yet so venal.

Neia entered the fray. Maybe she could find some soft bodied fuck at the least. Lannister hair- god they were an infestation, they bred like rabbits. If only someone would warren them. Velaryon blood. Neia eyes a few in passing. She spotted the elder matriarch of the Velaryon and gave her a cold nod of the respect she was due. It was her house after all.

Finding Aethan and Joanna, Shireen ushered them to the center of the garden. She tapped her cane on the cobbles. "Can I have everyones attention?" She called.

Neia turned her shocking blue eyes on the old woman, the boy and the girl. She put her hands behind her back in an almost masculine pause. From behind her, Renn Baratheon watched with a sip of a drink, his eyes blinking as the moment had finally come. Shireen, Aethan and Joanna had his attention, albeit the way he preferred- near the wall. But after a moment that felt... wrong. Native to him maybe but wrong. So Renn pushed off the wall and made way past the Greyjoy and a couple of other gathered. He smiled and nodded at Aethan and Joanna. They had his attention.

Joanna smiled as she listened to Lady Shireen, glancing over to her intended and then out at the crowd. She caught to smile and nod from Renn Baratheon and returned it warmly.

Aethan grasped for Joanna's hand. He looked around the crowd, trying to avoid Renn's gaze at least for now.

Joanna took Aethan's hand, entwining her fingers with his.

This made Aethan smile. There was something very comfortable about her touch.
There was a jovial tone to Shireen's voice. "Thank you all for coming, to join me in celebrating the upcoming union of my darling grandson Lord Aethan Velaryon and Lady Joanna Hightower."

Aethan turned to Joanna as his grandmother made the announcement. His smile was one of excitement and relief. He thought for a moment about his particular attractions, and how he never thought he'd marry with that disposition. Joanna was a gift from the Gods.

Joanna simply squeezed his hand and smiled back.

Aethan wondered if Joanna, with all of her intelligence, knew of his attractions. He returned her smile.

Brannis Baratheon applauded the couple along with his Dondarrion lieutenant, and rather dour looking contemporary of his who always seemed a bit ruffled as if off the field of battle. Near them a blonde boy younger than the happy couple flexed his jaw with a stoicism and tried to clap louder than the crowd- Ser Alixander Hightower.

Now was Aethan’s time to speak. “Thank you Lady Shireen and thank you all. It gives us great pleasure to join our two great and ancient houses with our impending union before the Gods. Lady Joanna and I have long shared a friendship between us and I can think of no one I’d would rather spend my days with.” He looked to Joanna and lowered his voice. “Did you have anything you wanted to say?” His tone was even.

"I'm grateful for everyone's good wishes," Joanna said happily. "I care very deeply for Lord Aethan and I am proud to be taking him as my lord husband."

"I hope everyone can take the time to share in our joy and enjoy the hospitality of Seasmoke Hold." Shireen picked up a goblet. "May we toast to the happy couple."

Renn and Brannis both went for their cups individually and raised them. They murmured after the Lady Velaryon, "To the happy couple."

The well-wishers struck Aethan deep in his heart. It was truly a blessing from the Gods to have so many guests come to see him and his intended.

Joanna grinned warmly at the toast, shifting closer to her beloved.

Aethan grasped for Joanna's hand and guided her back into the crowd to mingle with their guests.


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