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What Light....

Posted on Tue Jun 28th, 2022 @ 1:57am by King Aethan Velaryon & High Septon & Lord Garth Blackwater & Ser Renn Baratheon & Queen Joanna Velaryon & Lady Margeary Blackwater & Lady Celyse Blackwater & Garlan Blackwater & Parmen Blackwater

Mission: To Oldtown, With Love
Location: The Hightower, Docks

The guiding light of the Hightower was the very first thing that could be seen as the galleys of the royal convoy approached Oldtown. Despite the early hour, Aethan had risen and taken the deck of the ship to see the city in the dawn light. The water was smooth as glass and the ship seemed to glide across it as they moved closer and closer to the Battle Island to dock at Lady Joanna's ancestral home.

When the King rose, his guard rose. Renn had become Aethan's shadow of late, intent to protect the King and not impose his presence on either he, nor his bride to be. It had been a long time since Renn Baratheon had set foot in Oldtown. As he stood on deck, hands clasped behind his back sans armor, he looked at the light. Its view was alien to him.

It had been some time since the young King had been in Oldtown and visited the Hightower. He had been too young then to appreciate the architecture and history of this wonder of the world.

"Stunning isn't it?" The voice of the High Septon startled the King, who thought he was alone for the moment. The older man moved slowly as he approached the King."Your Grace." He bowed slightly.

"High Septon." Aethan greeted the elder respectfully.

"I remember reading Archmaester Livam's writing about the Hightower. He proposed that there was evidence that Dragon's once roosted on Battle Isle, and were played by the first Hightower's who settled the island." He came to a stop next to the King. "What a connection that could be, linking your heritage to Lady Joanna's." He stated with slight smile.

Aethan nodded, "I've heard it theorized the the black stone fortress at the base of the tower was also of Valyrian origins."

As the discussion continued, the ship glided into it's berth on the rocky shore of the island. As that happened the deck of the ship, and the others in their convoy, came alive.

Aethan looked around and decided to make his way off the ship to wait on the dock for his councilors.

Lady Joanna dismounted from her own ship. Before the wedding, it was not proper for her to travel so closely with the King. Now, however, she made her way once more to his side. "I hope your trip went well, Your Grace."

"It was long." Aethan remarked taking Joanna's hand and lifting it to his lips. "And yours my Lady?"

"Just as long," she answered, "but it feels good to be here." She turned with him towards the other lords.

"Good Morning my Lords." Aethan greeted in general as familiar faces emerged on the deck of the docked vessels.

From the ship that had carried Aethan came Lady Shireen, Ser Stevron, and the King's brother Aenar, along with a number of other relations. Shireen approached the King and curtsied low. Not in a show of real respect, but to set the example as she felt she needed.

Brannis Baratheon appeared in part of the gaggle of the Small Council, led by a tall and rather exquisite looking man of perhaps mixed Summer Islander and Baratheon decent. His caramel skin was aglow under bright Baratheon gold colors in his tunic. But Brannis always put on a show as well. They were talking, gesticulating, as they walked the ramp. Brannis, when he moved into the area, gave a bow to his Monarch- as did the stranger.

"Lord Brannis." Aethan said in greeting with a warm smile.

"My King," Brannis bowed low as the darker-skinned man near him followed suit. When they straightened, the new figure was a couple of inches taller than the Baratheon lord. "If it please you, My King, may I present my half-brother?"

Aethan's eyes widened at the exotic beauty of the presented man. " You may." He said with a nod.

Brannis' charm blossomed again with a nod and he gestured at the dark skinned man. "My King, may present Ser Fionn Storm, bannerman of House Baratheon and one of our finest captains."

The tall and lanky beauty bowed with the grace of a Summer Islander. "Your Grace."

"And your half brother if I'm not mistaken," Aethan said with a glance towards Brannis. He wondered how the heir to Storm's End felt about his father's bastard. The King returned his gaze toward the exotic-looking man. "If Lord Brannis considers you a fine captain, I can think of no better praise." He smiled warmly.

Brannis' features, while schooled by his tendency for a smug charm, betrayed an... affection? Perhaps? That was seldom seen to have gazed at his younger brother, Renn, with. "He is," he clapped the cinnamon-skinned man on the shoulder. "And quick with a Braavosi blade as well."

Again the enigma bowed at the King, returning the smile. "Majesty," he said in thanks. Fionn straightened and glanced at the younger Baratheon in his Kingsguard colors.

Ser Jon Hightower was awaiting his King and his niece and Lady in his finest armor. With him stood a dozen members of the City Watch, standing proud with armor gleaming. He bowed deeply as the King approached. "Welcome to Oldtown, Your Grace."

Aethan came forward from his swelling entourage on the dock and approached the armoured man. "Thank you for the welcome Ser. It gives us all great pleasure to be in Oldtown."

"The honor is ours, Your Grace," Jon answered. Then he turned and bowed to his niece as well. "Welcome home, my lady." Only after Joanna nodded to him did he bow to the assembled counsellors, "My lords."

"I am happy to be hosted in the Hightower again."Aethan said. "I haven't been here since I was a young boy." He looked up the towering structure.

The second ship in the train that led to the southern part of The Reach had been the flagship of Highgarden, the Water Rose. Vines grew up the sides of the ship, and up the masts, making it look as if it had been partially reclaimed by the most beautiful nature. Red, yellow, and white roses dotted the vines, and Garth Blackwater seemed to match it all in his green coat with golden lining. He and his entourage, led by his eldest son, Parmen, and his three children approached the King. Bowing as much as he could, he gestured toward them.

"Your Grace, may I introduce Parmen, my son and heir and, his own children, the strong Garlan, my aide at the Iron Islands, and the beautiful Celyse and Margeary." Garth said.

"Your Grace", each one of them said with winning smiles. Parmen's was crooked, and less winning than the rest. Margeary looked toward Renn, who wore the white of the Kingsguard, and offered a more mischievous smile. "Cousin."

Aethan nodded to each of the Blackwater's in turn.

Renn's Baratheon green eyes shifted to Margeary and he inclined his head in his stoic manner. He bid her hello in the silence required of the Kingsguard.

Jon bowed to Garth as well. "My lord."

Aethan was satisfied with the welcome and longed to get inside, away for the dampness he had endured on their journey. "Are their fires lit?" He asked, eagerly of Ser Jon. "I think many of us are eager to wash off the journey."

"They are lit, Your Grace," Ser Jon said, beginning to lead the party inside.


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