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Lady Celyse Blackwater

Name Celyse Blackwater

Position House Blackwater

Rank Lady

Character Information

Gender Female
Race Reachman
Age 23
Home Kingdom The Reach

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Slender with a youthful body and beautiful skin, Celyse is a model beauty of the Reach. Her greatest charm, however, is her kindness and humility, which she wears as apparently as her beauty.


House Blackwater
Father Lord Parmen Blackwater
Mother Liza Fossoway
Brother(s) Garlan Blackwater
Sister(s) Lady Margaery Blackwater

Personality & Traits

General Overview Extraverted, kind, and perceptive, Celyse has a keen eye for social graces. She seems to always know the right thing to say, or at least, when not to speak. She is a generous and charitable soul, loving to show kindness to the poor.