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Posted on Thu Jun 24th, 2021 @ 4:01pm by King Aethan Velaryon & Ser Brandon Redwyne & Ser Renn Baratheon

Mission: The Great Council
Location: Braavosi Baths, Kings Landing
Timeline: The Day After Great Council Day One, Evening

Aethan had called upon a few young noble men to join him at the newly opened Braavosi Baths located near the Street of Silk in Kings Landing. The building was unassuming from the exterior, only a few open windows adorned with red silk curtains adorned the otherwise stark grey stone walls. They offered a variety of service, and catered to an all male clientele.

Though it had only been in operation for a few short weeks, the Baths had grown a reputation among the male courtiers as the most relaxing place any had been to.

Aethan arrived on horseback, followed closely by Ser Brandon Redwyne. Aethan had become familiar with Ser Brandon when he and Joanna were children. Don was the second son of Lord Omer Redwyne of the Arbor, though he was married to Alixe Cobb, the couple shared no love and rarely shared a bed. Don spent much time away, usually with his father. He intended to learn much of the family wine business in the hopes of taking charge of it some day. In truth he had a gift for it.

Dismounting his white horse Don smiled at the Lord of the Tides and opened his arms in greeting. Ser Brandon was always outwardly affectionate.

Aethan returned the hug with his friend and then took a step back. "How are you old friend?" He asked.

"As well as can be expected. And better now that I am reunited with you and my dear friend Joanna. Congratulations by the way!" Don spoke, of course, of the impending marriage of Aethan and Joanna.

"Thank you." Aethan blushed at the mention of Joanna. As he spoke, yet another man on horseback arrived.

The figure, tall and lean, carried its not of pensive thought as the horse was brought to a halt but someone who had clearly practiced maneuvering a horse in combat. His was a steed of a plainer look- dappled in gray, the gray dominating, it reminded of a Storm's End Winter sky. Renn dismounted, moving to tie up his horse personally. A rare smile crossed his face as he touched the horse's long nose, and produced a bit of snack as a reward for being so willing to tie up in such strange new places.

Renn Baratheon put his hands behind his back, wearing all black fabrics giving his fair skin a somberness. Bright green Baratheon set first on Aethan and then the stranger. Renn bowed, "Lord Aethan," he greeted. "Ser," he nodded again to the man.

"This is my fawn...erm friend Ser Renn Baratheon." Aethan said, misspeaking his name for Renn. He opened Don hadn't heard. "This is Ser Brandon Redwyne, an old friend."

Brandon blushed and reached out a delicate hand to Renn.

Renn's solemn nature broke with the twitch of a smile at Aethan's use of his bedchamber nickname for the Baratheon knight. Renn's hand, grasping Brandon's, was less delicate- it had the strength of a soldier. "Ser Brandon," he greeted. To Renn's knowledge, they had not met before. "How is your Arbor?"

"I thought we might take in the Baths together." Aethan offered to his companions.

Renn nodded once with a brief pause of a sigh. "I've been to baths like it in Braavos. My half brother is fond of them." He glanced at the plain face of the establishment. "The Braavosi like to build in places where men can be men and women can be women." However, Renn suspected, that King's Landing's version would have its own unique twists.

Ser Brandon's face molded into a smirk.

Aethan nodded and led the group into the bathhouse. The interior was just as unassuming at the exterior had been. At the same time, it felt warm, wrapped almost entirely in soft earth tones.

Renn eyes fell upon the warm hues and the building's best attempts at creating the sense of an open-air colonnade with its Braavosi style gardens. Yet King's Landing was still King's Landing. The lushness, the movement of water, seemed accurate enough. And Renn was hardly an expert on the Braavosi Baths of Braavos so much that he could spot a facsimile from something authentic. Renn put his hands behind his back and followed the Redwyne and Aethan within, past the unassuming front.

They were greeted with a rather athletic-looking Braavosi man with curly black hair. He wore an intricately woven bone-colored netting as a top and a blood orange silken skirt that reached his ankles. He was relatively unadorned save a copper cuff on his left wrist. "Gentle welcome friends." His smile was warm to the trio.

Aethan smiled. "We have heard a lot about your establishment, and hope to experience it for ourselves." He wasn't sure what to really say outside of that.

"Of course my Lord." The Braavosi man said. "If you'll follow me." He turned and led the men down a long hallway. They passed a number of curtained doorways before arriving at their destination, a room at the very end of the hall.

Brandon seemed especially eager, following close behind their host. "Quite the place you have here." There was excitement in his voice.

Renn nodded once with a quick bob of agreement. What was missing was the harsh Braavosi tongue in the background. But in this chamber they had clearly gained access to Braavosi bathing salts and incense. Lingering in the shadows, a thin beauty who looked more Summer Islander than Braavosi turned to first show his tight ebon buttocks and then again to show his freshly plucked pubis and lengthy member. He smiled and as quickly moved into another room.

The Braavosi man smiled. "This is your private bathing room. There is a large heated bath in the center of the room, separate bathtubs along the wall there, and a private steam room just there." He indicated a doorway at the back of the room. "You are welcome to use any of the other public facilities as well. We have a cold room in the cellar, as well as a number of public baths, steam rooms, and dry rooms."

Aethan was growing more and more impressed by the minute. The services that were offered were indeed numerous and exotic to the Velaryon man.

Renn pursed his lips, eyeing the reasonably copied Braavosi tile of the floors and walls. They were homoerotic, but fell short of being totally lewd- Renn's eyes fell upon a Braavosi Heliot washing a bathgowers privates with reverent gaze downward. Those kinds of depictions, by Renn's limited experience, were limited to very very private bathing caldarium and the stridgidaria of the inner chambers.

Hardly containing his excitement, Brandon clapped. "Fantastic." He exclaimed.

"There are four attendants assigned to this room. And I must inform my Lord's that we pride ourselves on our discretion. So I do invite you to allow yourselves to get comfortable and experience everything you wish." The host smiled. He whistled and waved to the, until now unseen attendants.

Renn watched as the similarly clad helpers- the "Heliots" though Renn very much doubted they were real slaves- entered. They were nude from the waist up, and in short white waist wraps with copper arm cuffs. They held bottles of fine oil and strange copper devices in their hands- strigils for scraping away the oil and dirt. One approached each of the men. "Sire, may I undress you?" They asked the three visitors in off-stereo, spoken privately. "And wash your feet? It is Braavosi custom." Renn was impressed that his at least had a Braavosi accent.

Brandon giggled and held his arms up to allow the attendant easy access. As his shirt was unfastened a woman's corset was revealed underneath. That along with lace frilled hose betrayed his proclivity for wearing ladies clothing. He looked up slyly as his cinched waist and lace bottoms were revealed to his companions. "Do you like them?" He asked demurely.

Aethan smirked. "There is something...enticing about the look." His own attendant was already through disrobing him, and he stood fully undressed watching as Brandon and Renn were made similarly vulnerable.

Renn was seemingly new to being disrobed by another, as he failed to simply move and then wait as the young attendant touched him. Renn, in private, preferred to dress and undress himself- a peculiarity that Brannis liked to tease him about. Renn the Prude had been bantered about more than once, though Renn never saw himself as that. He just didn't see any reason to have someone take off his clothing for him. It felt... unnecessarily decadent.

Renn's eyes fell on Brandon's consorts. "Careful not to outshine the ladies of the court, Lord Redwyne," he teased gently. Renn felt the warm, humid flush against his nethers as he too was finally ridden of his clothes. His eyes fell on the new but grow familiar angles of Aethan, and then skirted away in the modesty of still being in a public sphere.

Don smiled again as the attendant began untying his corset. "I had my man in the Arbor shave all of the hair on my body. I've heard they do that in the Summer Isles. It makes everything look bigger." He said plainly.

Sitting on a stool as his attendant began to wash his feet, Aethan raised a brow. He regarded Brandon as closely as he watched his fawn. Both visions enticed him and made his manhood stir.

Challenged by their surroundings, Renn's modesty was in a battle against Baratheon virility: Robert's legacy to his line hefted upward between Renn's legs and there was very little Renn could do about it. He longed for Aethan in the same white-hot verve of new lovers still learning about one another. Subtlety came later in the dance. Renn agreed with Brandon Redwyne. "It's hot there," he said plainly. Hair was hot. "Are you not cold here in the Landing though, Lord Redwyne?"

"I run hot." Brandon said, accentuating the word 'hot' in his assertion. The attendant pulled down his lace hose revealing the entirety of his hairless body to the other two. He was fully rampant as the hose came down, a fact he smirk about before speaking again. "I think I would like to wade around in the bath." He indicated the large, in-ground bath in the middle of the room. His second head swelled and bobbed up and down as he stepped over to the steaming water.

Renn watched, curious as the Redwyne Highgardener turned back to them to enter the pool. Renn swayed closer to Aethan and smiled. The public closeness was strange, scary. Even honeyed Braavosi words of complete anonymity and discretion was not a guarantee. But he was already in for a stag. He might as well go in for the full crown. He offered his hand out to Aethan with a gentlemanly sway of a bow to his tall leanness. "My Lord, join us in the water?" He said.

Aethan perked up in more ways than one and stood. "Is the water hot?" He asked, before dipping a toe in at the edge. "How do they manage to keep it so hot?" He asked stepping and lowering his tingling body into the water.

"In Braavos," Renn said, "They have helots in a basement chamber stoking large fires with copper pipes pumping water up into the baths. But I'm not sure how they do it here." Presumably, it was similar- minus the slaves. Renn too ran a foot, in a sweep, through the water. Then he waded within, dropping in up to his waist. He ran fingers through his hair to push the brunette locks behind his ears. "I heard once one can even bathe in hot wine, if you're willing to pay for it," he said, looking back at Redwyne's plucked-smooth body.

The prospect of bathing in wine was more than enticing to Brandon Redwyne. “That sounds like heavens.” He said aloud. “Is that a service you offer here?” He asked, enthusiastically to one of the room’s attendants.

“It is my Lord, as your companion said.” The tall dark man replied. “Arrangements need be made in advance.”

“And can I choose whatever wine I like?” Don seemed downright giddy, he splashed a bit in the warm aromatic waters.

The attendant nodded. “Anything you’d like my Lord.”

“Outstanding!” Ser Brandon exclaimed. There was a certain allure to the thought of bathing in a tub of Arbor Red. “I shall have to make arrangements for that on our way out.” He said, beginning to lay the plans in his head.

Aethan regarded the exchange and found himself enticed by the idea as well. “Yes, we will certainly have to come again to try that.” He winked to Renn and leaned back leisurely. Aethan placed his arms on the edge of the pool and let out a sigh of relief. He waved Renn to come closer.

The tall Knight made eye contact with Aethan, having largely stood in the aromatic waters trying to detect which herbs and oil infusions in the waters he knew and which were foreign to him. His lean nakedness went into motion, moving through the steaming caldarium toward the towheaded one. His Baratheon green eyes settled on the seated one, flitting to admire each arm that lay atop the bath's edge. The tile work was an interesting comment on his fair skin.

Renn sensed he had very little to fear from Brandon Redwyne's proclivities- but his ability to keep his mouth shut lay more in question. Compared to the Baratheon, Redwyne seemed a chatty, giddy sort. A very sanguine personality, perhaps overbrimming, compared to Renn's melancholy. Still, he tilted a smile at the seated Lord of Dragonstone, his eyes fixing with warm amusement on the Velaryon violets.

"Can we have some wine?" Don asked of the attendants. One of whom nodded and retrieved a platter with 3 silver goblets and a carafe of Arbor Gold.

The atmosphere of the baths seemed to make Aethan fearless, or perhaps foolish. "My pretty Fawn." He said to Renn. "You're quite good on horseback." He had a sly smile. "Perhaps we can show Ser Brandon how well you ride?"

Renn smiled into one cheek while the light freckles that dotted his sunkissed fairness flushed pink. He glanced back at Brandon- and the Arbor Gold wine. It was always rich, complex wine, those wines of the Arbor. Renn was used to the dry, earthy, mineraly qualities of Stormlander wines. But he’d drink some. He turned back to Aethan, "Did you bring your saddle?" He teased back.

Aethan leaned back and bit his lip glancing down at his lap. “I did my fawn.”

Brandon watched the exchange closely, his mouth stretching into a smirk. He took a goblet and a healthy sip while keeping his eyes on the pair across from him. “Do you ride often, Ser Renn?”

Renn looked back at the Redwyne with a knit to his brow. "Second time riding with my future King," Renn said with a mild tilt to his mouth. "Do you ride, Lord Redwyne?" He asked, his gaze setting back to Aethan. His eyes had a hunger in them, muted by his gentle qualities. But Aethan knew the truth of his fawn. Or was at least gleaning more daily. Renn moved to Aethan fully, the water making sound. He looked away from the Velaryon and made a gesture of beckoning to one of the boys scantily clad with the gilded copper grail of oils. The young man bowed low and offered them out.

Renn dappled his fingers in the rose-infused oils. He slicked them against his entrance and then took up the cup that held it. He poured a small amount into his palm and then reached down. He grasped Aethan's shape and began a twisting lather, the sound a wet one. "Thank you," he greeted to the youth, who then backed up.

Brandon took in every detail. "I do, quite often actually." The Redwyne smirked again. "Suffice it to say that the sailors who dock in the Arbor are absolutely ravenous." He chuckled lightly. "I've never ridden a stag before." He said admiring the young Baratheon's agility.

Renn raised an eyebrow, his slenderness swaying in to motion. "I don't think I've taken a ride through the Arbor gardens either." A small quirk of a smile donned him, fleetingly as his mind was focused. His future king slicked, the Baratheon lowered himself with slow, deliberate action into Aethan's lap. He finally braced back on the tiles with one arm, whilst the other came around Aethan's head, his pec and underarm near the Velaryon's face. It was a somewhat unnatural pose for him, one that brought a feeling of that strange fullness and tingling pangs.

"How long has this arrangement gone on?" Brandon asked, leaning forward to watch every move between them.

"Not long." Aethan said, closing his eyes as a wave of pleasure washed over him. He gripped Renn's waist, taking control of the rhythm between them. "We met after Waynn's funeral."

Ser Brandon allowed his hands to slip below the waters surface to explore while he watched his companions. "Do you intend to carry on when Lord Aethan becomes King Aethan the First of His Name?"

The stately stag bobbed up and down with the rhythmic splash of perfumed and oiled waters, gripped at the waist. His own head craned back, hair falling away toward his neck as Aethan took control. But he was not merely an instrument. He used the tile as leverage to make a fuller arc. "Yes," Renn admitted with a focused grunt. "When it doesn't interfere with his rule... and him bearing heirs."

"I intend to make my fawn my personal retainer, perhaps a Kingsguard if there is a place for him." Aethan said with amusement. "I must admit, the thought of seeing Ser Renn in a gold cloak does excite me." His rhythm increased at the thought.

Brandon tilted his head. "Yes, I think I would quite like that sight as well."

Renn grunted at the increase, fingers shifting to brace the tile while blue eyes closed. Normally he would have allowed himself to lose a little dignity and tilt his head back for a moan. But this was so very public. He did smile with a strained smile, "I'm better with a sword than my ass, my Lords," he clarified. His fingers teased at Aethan's hair. "Though Lord Aethan may disagree."

"I say he is matched evenly with both." Aethan said breathily as he made his final movements. His entire body shuddered and he struggled for a moment to catch his breath. He held Renn in place still.

Don smirked. "I've never been good with a sword." He declared. "Lances though. I love a good lance." He winked. "I don't do much of either though. between father having me take on more of the business and my wife insisting on trying to have children."

"Familial duties," Renn grunted as he settled with Aethan's stilling hold on him. "My brother and father are like minded. They've just agreed to not discuss my disappointing choice in public." He said.

Aethan looked completely and utterly relaxed, something he truly needed before the vote. He lifted Renn from his lap. "If only family and duty would not get in the way so often."

Brandon smirked, waving an attendant to bring wine to him. "Now that you've had your fun, why don't we take our wine and go explore a bit?" He grabbed a goblet and took a long sip before standing from the water , his slender body dripping. "Shall we?"

Renn assented with a single nod. Who knew what else lay within this Braavosi-like interior.


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