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Ser Brandon Redwyne

Name Brandon Redwyne

Position House Redwyne

Rank Ser

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Reachman
Age 27
Home Kingdom The Reach

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 174LBS
Hair Color Red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Brandon, or Don as he is called affectionately, is a rather tall and skinny man. His red hair is typically worn with no care.


House Redwyne
Spouse Alixe Cobb
Father Lord Omer Redwyne
Mother Lady Arya Bulwer
Brother(s) Ser Paxter Redwyne
Ser Monford Redwyne
Ser Corlys Redwyne
Ser Boremund Redwyne

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brandon is outgoing and very social. He prides himself on the ease with which he can talk to near anyone.
Hobbies & Interests Brandon has a keen interest in horses, hunting, and wine.

In private, Brandon fancies dressing in his wife's clothing.