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A Dornish Art

Posted on Thu Apr 22nd, 2021 @ 11:51am by Ser Edric Martell & Lady Renara Rykker

Mission: The Great Council
Location: Snakestone Manor

“I never thought the Dornish would be such passionate artists, Ser Edric.” Came the sultry voice of the well-dressed woman walking next to him. She was tall for a woman and strong with an hourglass figure accentuated by the black dress that clung skin-tight over her body. Like every highborn person in the City, she was participating in King Waynn's mourning period, though she had no love for the man. Her shimmering auburn hair was veiled in black lace and she looked the part of the dutiful Lady, but Edric saw the truth in her eyes since he’d first spoken to her weeks before. They had been playing a flirtatious game since that moment, but never had they been as alone as they now were.

“We Dornish are very passionate in all we do, my Lady. We dance, we fight, we fish, and we fuck with passion; why should painting be so different?" Edric said in an even and confident tone, his muscular arms swinging at his side as he walked. He was strong as an ox and good with both tests of physical competence and with his words, but he was no artist. He didn't think the work they were at was anything to marvel over, and he was certain it just served as a conversation piece for the two of them.

A sly grin crossed her lips at his words as she moved slowly down the hallway next to him on their tour of Snakestone Manor. Her smile was always uneven, making it seem like she was hiding something, and her freckled nose wrinkled ever so slightly. She was famously comly, and every movement she made seemed charged with a somewhat masculine charm. This lady perfered riding, and wrestling, and cursing to any feminine art. Servants passed on one side, but they paid them no attention. She paused in her walking and looked up at Edric’s towering visage.

“I am well and truly fascinated by the topic now, Ser Edric. You must show me another example of Dornish passion.” She said, her meaning clear in her dark brown eyes. She’d had that look ever since she’d entered the hold; her husband had sent her to greet the Martell family and to deliver a letter from him, but it was clear she wanted more than pleasantries and had been searching for an excuse to make her way over to the Manor.

"Lady Renara, I have wonderful things to show you on the topic. Simply follow my lead.." he said, and then proceeded down the hall to his true destination. He opened the door, revealing a large and well-decorated bedroom with a massive bed against the far wall covered in luxurious furs. The entire space gave an impression of manly order and the smell of sweet incents filled the air. A few signs of his conquests on the hunt were placed on the walls, a stag's head and a boar's head. “This is the locus of Dornish passion in this northern cit. You will know many wonders in here, my Lady, if you wish it.”

He communicated with a dashing smile, knowing this dance backward and fore.

“What a lovely room, Ser Edric.” She said with roaming eyes as she unshyly closed the door behind her. “What specific pieces might you find impressive enough to show me?”

Edric’s hand found hers and he guided her closer to him. As she swooned slightly, he pulled her further toward the center of the room. He pressed his lips to hers gently, wrapping his strong fingers around her own. They exchanged their warmth and he could feel as her breath began to quicken. They had waited for that kiss since the moment they had laid eyes on each other, but there had been so many other people about before. She still had a husband to consider, as well as her reputation. He pulled away from the gentle kiss and Renara leaned in further, only consenting to have it end when he had lifted his head back up beyond the reach of her own.

Her Lord husband had never kissed her that way in the long six years they had been married; not even once. He only had passion for drinking and fighting. It had been fun at first, of course, for she liked those things as well, though to a lesser degree. It was his whoring that she couldn't stand. But Edric was so interested in her; so strong; so exotic; and so charming. Men looked at her with lustful eyes all the time, but seldom did she look back. The heir to Dorne had a way of making her want him even as she felt wanted.

“I would like to show you the bed, my Lady. It is amazingly comfortable and I think you will find it quite satisfying.” he said, locking eyes with her.

“Well then I shall try it out.” She said, her lips still stuck slightly in the pout of the kiss they had shared. She released his hands and walked over to the large bed slowly. When she arrived, she turned around to face him and lowered her head while looking into his eyes, giving him a dangerous expression. She lowered herself down onto the covers and slid gracefully toward the middle. Her doe eyes found his even as she arched her back and accentuated the impressive curve of her body.

She sighed and spoke in a relaxed but determined voice, more like a soft growl than human speech.

"This is lovely, Ser Edric, but I hope this isn't the fullness of the passion you wish to show me in here.." she commented.

"Not at all, my Lady." He said, stepping forward slowly. There is one particular art form of which I spoke earlier which I would very much like to demonstrate for you now."

"Oh?" she asked, relaxing her back and looking at him again, her chest heaving with excitement. "Which one was that, Ser?"

“Why, the art of fucking, my Lady.” he said with a honey voice.

Renara noted her pleasure audibly, grinning and turning her head at the prospect.

“I must admit that your reputation as a master of the art proceeds you. If I might have your discretion, I would like a private viewing..” she said, her mind racing for just a moment to her Lord husband, and then with stubborn indignation, back to the truth of this moment. She was about to do to Lord Robed what he had done to her a thousand times before, take another to bed and like it.

“I would like to amaze you with this art, my Lady, but I must warn you that it is not for the faint of heart. The art is of a kind to possess those who encounter it. Once you taste of this forbidden fruit, I fear you may fall in love.” Edric said with some amusement, his smile broadening.

Lady Renara began to laugh at his suggestion and, almost out of instinct, her covered legs fell open. She thought for an instant about how insanely jealous her husband would be, Lord Robed Rykker was an angry and possessive man, but charmless and old. Nothing about him gave her any excitement, though she craved it, but Edric...he excited her very much. She could feel a coursing warmth between her legs and she knew her smallclothes were wet with her eagerness.

“That is a risk I am quite willing to take.” She said, her eyes smoldering with fire. “Gallant Ser, show me how the art form is truly done.”

"The First Part, my Lady, is the disrobing. This is one of the most vital parts of the art because it allows us to see exactly what has been, up until now, masterfully hidden. Real art is like turning on a light.." he said in a low voice. As he spoke, he reached to unbutton the golden garment he was wearing. It was one piece, so that when it was completely undone, it fell from his frame and onto the floor. His muscular body was chiseled like a man who was no stranger to intense physical activity with strong blood besides. Some old, but tame, scars informed any who saw him that he had seen joust, duel, and battle. He wasn't wearing smallclothes, so his thick member hung visible between his legs surrounded by a trimmed mane of coarse brown hair.

Lady Renara smiled from ear to ear, her lips parting revealing her remarkably straight teeth. She looked at him with excitement in her eyes, leaning up in the bed. He was more impressive than her Lord husband in many ways, and she could almost feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins at the danger of this rendezvous.

"I suppose its my turn then?" she asked, already knowing the answer. She climbed out of bed, untying the black dress she wore and pulling it over her head. Edric was there in a flash, hurriedly helping her take it off. After, she removed her smallclothes, revealing a fit and attractive body beneath with large perky breasts and a firm backside. He kissed her passionately for the second time and and their hands found each others' waists. Her kisses and her embrace were hungry and surprised, like she hadn't been touched properly her whole life. Before she knew it, Edric was throwing her down onto his bed and letting his kisses fall down her body. She breathed heavily as his tongue circled her stiffened pink nipples agonizingly and as his fingers found the wet opening of her cunny with practiced skill. Soon she was pulling him closer to herself, wanting him inside her; needing him to fill her.

"Take me, Edric, please." she pleaded, spreading her legs invitingly and revealing her cunny, now nearly dripping wet with her juices. He closed the gap between them and took hold of himself to guide it in. When his manhood entered her, it met some resistance and she thought, for a moment, that it would prove too much for her afterall. But, after a spell of discomfort, his slow strokes brought on intense pleasure, and the moisture took care of the rest. Without additional conversation, they became wrapped in one another, moving together in a sea of moans, sighs, and rotating hips. As Edric made love to her, he kissed her deeply, his hands expertly increasing pleasure at the sensitive areas they found. Gradually, Ser Edric increased the pace until he was pumping away quite furiously inside her and the moans of Lady Renara Rykker escaped from her lips in sharp and overwhelmed gasps of air as she came close to another incomparable climax. With moans of his own, Ser Edric joined her in her ecstasy and they collapsed together, breathing heavily, beside one another on the bed.

Renara offered a sigh as her head found his hairy chest. She placed a hand on his muscular stomach as her head moved with his breathing. They looked at the decorated ceiling as the fog in their minds slowly cleared.

"I've never felt this way before." Renara said with a distant voice. A small pause followed after her statement.

"I hope its a good feeling?" he asked, looking down at her, his giant hand finding her red hair and playing in it.

"It's an amazing feeling...and a terrible one." she responded. "My real life will be very hard to go back to now. I feel as though I've ascended to the Seven Heavens and now have to go back down to Earth."

Edric smiled brazenly. "It isn't the Heavens from whence I come, my Lady. And didn't I tell you that you would fall in love?" he asked, twirling his forefinger in her locks.

"Who said I was in love?" she asked in a defiant voice, even as the expression on her face conceded her true feelings. " are planning to stay in the city for a while longer, yes?"

"I will be here at least until then. And, after the Council, who knows." Edric answered.

Renara sighed at that, her heartbeat gradually returning to its normal pace after their intertwining event. The blush in her cheeks was still present and her beautiful body still moved with the memory of his. Her eyes seemed lost for a moment.

“The Crownlands are abuzz with information during this Great Council. I am invited to all the Valyrian meetings and am bound to hear things you very likely could put to use, and I’m aware your father has designs for the throne of the Six Kingdoms invested in Lord Jonnah. I could tell you, for a price.” She said, her eyes casting a look of mischief at him. Her sideways smile returned, sexy as ever.

Edric raised his brow in surprise.

“Oh? I price to be my little spy? Name it.” he said, thinking how very angry her Lord husband would be if he knew what she was about.

“The more time you spend between my legs, using that magnificent gift between yours,” she began, her hand finding its way to the member she was talking about, lifting it heavily into the air, and waving it about until it started to stiffen and grow again,” the more you shall know about all the secrets of Duskendale and the Crownlands.”

"This will not please Lord Robed.." he answered, looking her in the eyes.

"Lord Robed has never pleased me in any way." she said, climbing off the bed and coming to rest on her knees between Edric's trunk legs, her lips now pressed against his member as she spoke. "So why should I care?"

Ser Edric smiled a handsome smile and closed his eyes as she drew his manhood into her mouth.

“My Lady, an offer like that I cannot refuse.”



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