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A Garden Tryst

Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 @ 3:06pm by Lady Myrielle Lannister & Lady Myrcella Lannister & Ser Edric Martell

Mission: The Great Council
Location: Outside Lionshead Hall
Timeline: The day after the Reception

The day was moderate in temperature and quite beautiful in King's Landing, so many people were spending their day outside. The streets ran with playing children and those who typically sought shade from the elements. Merchants traveled the roads as they always did, especially along the main drags, and the city seemed less rank than usual. Inspired by this beauty, Edric took a bath, put on some fresh and breathable clothing, and went out alone on his great horse. He trotted along the streets, taking in the sites of the capital city and waving at pretty girls everywhere he went. It wasn't until he reached the walls near the back of Lionshead Hall that he stopped. Though this detour was unplanned, he was suddenly motivated. The Lannister twin he'd spoken to at the reception had remained on his mind constantly. He wasn't sure which one she was, but he knew how much he wanted her. He was the sort of man who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted, even if the cost was great.

Pausing outside the wall, Ser Edric hitched his horse at a nearby post and used his considerable height to peer into the Lannister garden. Hopefully he would catch a glimpse of her or get some hint of where he might find her.

Seated in the middle of the manse’s garden were Myrcella and Myrielle, as well as a rather posh looking Septa. It seemed even the Devout were well to do in the Westerlands. The women sat in their seats working on needle point. Myrielle seemed content as she stitched a Baratheon Stag next to her Lion. “Ser Renn is the most handsome man in the Six Kingdoms.” She spoke as if they’d met, or conversed, when really she’d only spoken to Lord Brannis about his brother briefly.

The Septa looked at Myrielle’s work. “And Gods be good, you’re match will be settled soon enough.” She smiled warmly.

Myrcella was not as interested in the needlework. She had haphazardly outlined her Lion and was now embroidering expletives around the edges.

Looking over, the Septa gasped. She ripped the canvas from Myrcella and marched into the Manse, presumably to show Lord Myles his daughters handiwork. The twins were left alone, Myrcella laughing and Myrielle continue her daydream as she worked.

Edric watched the scene play out, observing the dynamics between the women. Once the Septa had gone, he knew this was his best chance to get close to the girl. Though, which one was she? Between the one smiling dreamily and the one who had just played some kind of prank, he expected it was the later. He decided to roll the dice and risk embarrassment, reaching for his satchel and pulling a quick, athletic pull over the wall.

He landed on the pathway behind a row of short trees; he bent low, hoping no one had seen him. As he rounded the trees and stood up tall, he manufactured an excuse for his unexpected and, clearly, unauthorized visit. He approached the women with unmatched confidence, and closed most of the distance between them before calling their attention to him.

"Excuse my sudden arrival, ladies, but I simply could not wait any longer." he said with a disarming and handsome smile. "I am Ser Edric Martell, and we met at the funeral reception just yesterday."

He gave a gracious bow toward the one who had just sent the septa away, giving her the same look he'd given her in the gardens of the Red Keep.

"If I was very forward on that occasion, my lady, it is only because I was enchanted by your grace and beauty. So that you don't think me rude, I must reconcile with a gift." he said, reaching into his satchel and pulling out a box made with precious metals, worth a small fortune in its own right. "May I?"

He had no hesitation or anxiousness in his approach, but seemed almost certain that his approach would charm her. Right or wrong, Edric Martell never second-guessed himself. When he won, he made it look simple, and when he lost, he made it look impossible.

Myrielle was taken. This was such a romantic gesture. Her heart fluttered.

“Myrielle, would you excuse us?” Myrcella asked, keep her eyes on the Dornishman.

After a moment of hesitation, Myrielle stood. She was beaming, already planning a double wedding in her head. She wondered if Renn would go for it.

Edric watched as the captivated twin departed from the garden with a smile on her face. Once she was gone, he turned to her sister, lowering himself down next to her on the bench with a relaxed sigh. He jealously guarded the box in his hands, being sure to allow her curiosity to mount.

"Before we can go any further, my Lady, I must know your name." he said with a curious smile.

'Typical man.' She thought. "Myrcella." She said begrudgingly.

"Myrcella," he repeated, then opening the ornate box and extending it toward her. Inside it was a silver bracelet inlaid with dark-orange gems. It was quite beautiful and no doubt could have been sold to feed a peasant for a year. "Have you ever seen a Dornish Fire Diamond before?"

She regarded the piece. "I'm sure there are more than a few in the vault at Casterly Rock." She said, trying not to betray her awe.

“What an unfortunate place for them. Jewels like these look best upon the dainty wrist of an equally beautiful lady.” He said, and then removed the bracelet from its box. He took hold of her hand gently and quickly clasped the bracelet around her wrist. “There, now it’s reached its perfection..”

Myrcella regarded the gesture. Perfection? It was certainly not a style she was used to seeing. One could even call it gaudy. Still, the gesture was was... touching. "Thank you." She said, with little inflection. "Did you only come to give me a bracelet?"

“What other business might a man have with a woman such as yourself, the tame and obedient daughter of the Lord of Casterly Rock?” He asked, living an eyebrow mysteriously.

“If you’re intending to ask for my hand, my father or mother should really be present.” Myrcella spoke sternly. “And I’m not entirely certain, but I don’t think either would be thrilled at a prospective suitor who scaled the garden wall to approach two maidens alone.”

Edric grinned at her words, thinking briefly on her statement on being a maiden; he thought it unlikely.

"I haven't come for your hand alone, Myrcella, but for your heart, and your mind, and perhaps even for more... but I shall leave your hand for another more tame man." he said, looking at her with unreserved romanticism in his eyes. "Tell me, my Lady, do you dream of the day when you marry some ugly old man which your father has shrewdly selected to bed you to bolster his own coin purse or his own army? Tell me honestly, is that all you want from your life?"

“My father provides me with a wide latitude when it come to selecting appropriate suitors.” She said, a diplomatic answer at best. She was still attempting to decode his earlier statement.

"But you didn't answer my question." he said, looking for a brief moment in the direction which Myrielle had left. "Your sister seems the romantic, dreaming of her wedding day. You are different, yes?"

"Are we meant to be imitations of one another?" Myrcella looked defiant in her answer. The differences between Myreille and herself was something she was very proud of.

"No, thank the Gods." he said, looking at her with a smile. "And its you I'm interested in, and not her. There must certainly be a difference. Is it important to you that people understand how different you are?"

"We are individuals Ser Edric, and it shouldn't matter that we look alike. All that should matter is that there are two, not one. I only want the respect that all individuals are afforded." The line of questions had clearly struck a nerve within Myrcella.

"Of course you are, Lady Myrcella." Edric answered emphatically, placing his hand on the bench between them. "That is why I have come to you today. I must know more about you; your presence is intoxicating to me."

He spoke in hushed and brazenly romantic tones and, smoothly, he grabbed her hand and held it in his own.

"I must go, my Lady; I have places I must be. But before you go, I must know I have your permission to see you again."

Myrcella paused in thought for an obscene amount of time. "You may." She relented. "Through official channels." She added. The last thing she needed was rumours about her virtue.

Edric leaned over slightly and kissed Myrcella's hand and then straightened himself. He towered over her and looked down into her eyes.

"Until we meet again, Lady Myrcella." he said with a smile.

The loss on her hand surprised Myrcella. She wasn’t often the twin to receive affection. “Yes. Until then.” She said, watching the imposing figure depart.

Edric receded from the garden, exiting over the fence as he had come, and was gone.

Myrielle screeched as she ran back to her sister. She had evidently been lurking just inside and watching the entire exchange between Ser Edric and Myrcella. “He is so very handsome!” She exclaimed, sitting in her previous seat. “Has he proposed? When will the wedding be? What are you going to wear? “

Myrcella barely heard anything her sister was saying, she merely looked down at the stones that adorned her wrist. Each one catching her own reflection and her smile.


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