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Flooding the Lion's Den

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 8:18pm by Lord Myles Lannister & Lady Shireen Velaryon & Lady Lynora Lannister & Lady Myrielle Lannister & Lady Myrcella Lannister & Steffon Lannister & Lyle Lannister

Mission: The Great Council
Location: Lionshead Hall, Kings Landing
Timeline: After 'A Regal Plan'

Lady Shireen Velaryon took a wheelhouse from Seasmoke Hold near the shores of Blackwater Bay all the way to Lionshead Hall near the Dragon Gate. It was not a horribly long journey, but at her age Shirren ache in ways she never used to be able to imagine.

The day had already been long. Beginning with the early service at the Great Sept, and then the reception at the Red Keep. Relaxing at Seasmoke Hold was a fleeting experience, as Shireen knew there was work to be done.

The red clad Lannister men who greeted her at the wall surrounding Lionshead Hall were brutish by Shireen’s standards and seemed to carry large egos to boot.

“I’ve never heard of any Lady Shireen coming here to meet with his Lordship.” One said with a thick Westerlands affectation.

“Well now you have.” Said Shireen as she pressed past the guards, her own attendants shrugging to the Lannister men as they followed her. The one guard followed as well, protesting as she made her way inside.

“I have told you, I am here to speak with Lord Myles.” The voice of Shireen Velaryon filled the great room of Lionshead Hall where Lord Myles was seated at a small table with a goblet of deep red wine.

“Ah, Lady Shireen, so good of you to call on us.” The Lannister man stood. “That will be all.” He spoke to his own guard, who turned and left.

“Wait outside.” Shireen said to her attendants. They complied, following the Lannister guard.

Myles gestured for Shireen to join him at the table just as Lady Lynora descended the stairs into the great room. “Lady Shireen.” She said with a distinct amount of respect.

“Lady Lynora, so good to see you back at court.” Shireen had crossed the room and took one of the open seats at the table.

Lady Lynora joined the guest and her husband for what could only be a meeting about strategy.

“With the Great Council commencing soon, we need to think about how to move the Kingdoms forward. It has long been the opinion of many great houses that this experiment in elective monarchy is a failure and it is time we return to the old ways. Proven leadership by birthright.” Shireen took it upon herself to pour a measure of wine into an empty goblet, despite it not being offered.

Myles didn’t seem surprised. It was true. Even before his own birth murmurs of the failure of election filled court. “I’ve heard the Martells mean to put forth themselves at the Council.”

Lynora scoffed at the idea. “The Dornish, really.”

Shireen smiled. “They know they haven’t got the support.” She said.

“If we did return to the ways of old, I believe that the House of Velaryon would do well in leading the Kingdoms.” Myles knew better than to try and toss out the name of his own family. The name wouldn’t carry much weight given their absence from court in the previous years.

“I am pleased to hear we have your support.” Shireen took a celebratory sip of her wine.

“Yes but what is our support worth to you?” Myles asked. His wife seemed interested as well.

“A match, for whichever daughter you’d like with my youngest grandson Aenar. He’s a capable sea captain, athletic, and rather handsome. Should our proposal carry in the Council, Aenar is currently his brother’s heir and would inherit Dragonstone.”

Myles rested his chin on his hand. “That would be advantageous for both of us. Uniting East and West, for a unified Six Kingdoms from sea to sea.”

“I would require only one thing from you personally.” Shireen took another sip of her wine. “I would need you to second our proposal to abolish the elective monarchy and then put forth my House for leadership.”

“Why can you not have your son do that? Surely his place on the Small Council grants him some semblance of respect amongst the gathered.” Lynora inquired on her husband's behalf.

“The Small Council is dissolved as of tonight, save the Hand, so his word is little more than that of the spare child.” Shireen spoke plainly. It wasn’t contempt so much as reality. “Having the motion from another House, and Lord Paramount of the Westerlands at that, would carry with it an unspoken alliance of sorts. Something unifying that the others can see.”

Myles nodded. “Yes, I can see your point.” He paused. “And what of my sons?”

Shireen had thought a bit about the boys. “We know they won’t have any trouble finding a match, but if you so desire I may be able to broker something with Joanna Hightower for your eldest. “

Lord Myles raised his brow, clearly impressed. “My Lady Shireen, I think we have an agreement.”

Shireen smiled. “I thought so too.”


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