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Prince Nymor Martell

Name Nymor Nymeros Martell

Position Prince of Dorne

Rank Prince

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Salt Dornish
Age 46
Home Kingdom Dorne

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6”
Weight 215 Lbs
Hair Color Brown (Greying)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Though he was formally an image of physical perfection, this honed warrior has softened a bit with age. Though handsome, he has begun to show signs of age and his muscular physique has given way to a slightly protruding gut. Nevertheless he is still tall, strong, and imposing.


House Martell
Spouse Tyene Santagar Martell
Children Edric Martell (Son & Heir)
Arron Martell (Son)
Ashara Martell (Daughter)
Father Alaric Martell
Mother Cerrena Dane Martell
Brother(s) Anders

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nymor is a natural charmer and a people person. Though he can be downright ruthless at times, he is extremely likeable and personable. He meets people well, makes wonderful first impressions, and is typically very talented at maintaining positive relationships. He also has a considerable ability to command and gets results from those who work for him. He has a general “my way or the highway” attitude and is quick to challenge others, especially when his authority is questioned. When Nymor is alone, he's generally plotting and planning. He is extremely goal driven, so his private thoughts are consumed with the next steps in his grand plans. When under stress, Nymor engages his brain and engineers a workable solution. He doesn’t often lose control, but when he does he tries to destroy his perceived enemy’s sense of wellbeing. He can kill without remorse and harm without hesitation.

Personal History Nymor was born in Sunspear, the eldest of five boys born to Prince Alaric Nymeros Martell. As eldest child and heir to the Prince of Dorne, he trained with the best swordmasters under the hot Dornish son and, in the fullness of time, became one of the most skilled fighters and warmsters in Westeros. He participated in tourneys up and down the country side and, more than a few times, young Nymor returned to Sunspear with the victor’s crown. He was a lightning rod for all the young people in the castle, noble and common alike, and spent most of the time he wasn’t fighting or training reveling with friends or in bed with a woman.

When Nymor was old enough, a marriage was arranged between him and Alyssane Yronwood. Alyssane was a sun-bronzed blonde with a face full of freckles and a sweet smile, and Nymor squandered their marriage with affairs and drink. He stumbled into bed with her after nights of reveling and, nine months later, she would deliver him a child in his absence. She gave him two sons, Edric and Arron, and died with a third stillborn girl in her arms. Nymor fell into an intense depression of guilt at her death and clung to his children from that day forward; the drinking and the whoring stopped.

After his father became Prince of Dorne, Nymor was compelled to take another wife. Initially, he wasn’t excited about the prospect, that is until he met attend Santagar, a beautiful petite woman who was known in his court as the “last maid in Dorne”. He knew her reputation for self control, kindness, and other virtues, but had no idea how magnetic her personality and appearance would be. He fell in love with her immediately, though her love would take longer to spark, and they were soon married. Soon after their wedding,Tyrone became pregnant with their daughter, Ashara. Nymor poured all the grief from the loss of his first stillborn girl into love for her and Ashara would grow up radiant and protected.

For 15 years after his second marriage, Nymor served as the Lord Marshall of Dorne and worked as the lead military commander. He served his aging father in this role even though many of the old man’s plans didn’t synch with his own. Patiently, and without much anxiety, he waited for his chance to ascend the throne of Dorne. On the deathbed of his elderly father, after the ravens announcing a Great Council came from King’s Landing, he would get his chance to shape Dorne and, perhaps, all of Westeros.