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Lord Yohn Arryn

Name Yohn Arryn

Position Lord of the Eyrie

Rank Lord

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Valeman
Age 47
Home Kingdom The Vale of Arryn

Physical Appearance

Height 193 CM
Weight 93 KG
Hair Color Sandy brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description A tall and muscular man. Often found scowling even though he is rarely angry, caused by being near-sighted. He keeps his hair close-cropped, as he does with his beard.


House Arryn
Spouse TBD
Children Ser Alaric Arryn, First born and heir. Knight of the Bloody Gate
Ser Podrik Arryn, Second son, third child.
Ysilla Arryn, Second child.
TBD Stone, Yohn's bastard
Father Mychel Arryn
Mother Ryella Waynwood
Brother(s) Ser Everett Arryn, younger brother
Ser Rommel Arryn, younger brother

Personality & Traits

General Overview While looking imposing and angry most of the time, Yohn is a kind and loving man. He was an involved father to each of his children, from his bastard daughter to his youngest son. To his bannermen he is kind and fair. He has learned, however, that fairness has to be backed by an armoured fist.

Personal History Yohn was born at the Eyrie at the end of the short summer. They say that the first snowflake fell when he was brought to his father. The boy felt more at home at the Gates of the Moon than he ever did in the Eyrie. Yohn was a page at Ironoaks with his grandparents, living with his nephews. When Everett was old enough to be a page, Yohn was sent to Redfort to squire for Erik Redfort. He ascended to the lordship of the Vale at age 28 as his father died in hunting incident.

For the last twenty years he has ruled the Vale in a time of peace. The most conflict the Vale has seen was an invasion from the Mountain clans into the Vale, and a bloody campaign of retribution lead by Yohn himself, killing more than half the clans' fighting men.