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Ser Jevan Darry

Name Jevan Einar Darry

Position Lord of Darry

Rank Ser

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Riverman
Age 24
Home Kingdom Riverlands

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 160lbs
Hair Color Dirty blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and leanly muscular, short dirty blond hair and dark blue eyes, still working on growing a decent beard. Jevan holds himself in a confident and self-assured stance, shoulders back, his gaze direct. He has the usual collection of scars from combat, training and manual labour and a couple of runic tattoos on his back, one of a curled ochre-stained dragon. He has a long scar on the upper right side of his face that follows his cheek bone. He’s quick to frown in concentration, and slow to smile, but when he does it’s worth waiting for.


House Darry
Spouse None
Children None
Father Jorram Darry (deceased 14yrs ago aged 46)
Mother Nera Darry - 57
Brother(s) Koryn Darry - 37
Sister(s) Marielyn (32)
Reila (21)
Other Family Two nieces (Koryn’s children) - Miranna (12) and Lenila (8)
One niece, one nephew (Marielyn’s step-children) - Sava (10) and Darick (7)
Brother in law - Marielyn’s husband - Brunn Hopern (40)
Wolf dog - Misko

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jevan is usually steady and reliable. He likes to learn, enjoys being social on his terms and enjoys his own space and time. He has a fierce concentration that he applies to new skills and new people and can on a first impression, seem shy. This is not the case.
He also has his father’s temper, though this is usually kept under control through training and routine. The tell-tale sign that he is being pushed to his limits of this control is demonstrated by the rubbing of his fingers over the scar high on his right cheek. Given the option he removes himself from polite company and opts for outdoor time, female company or some weapons practice.
He's well grounded by his relationship with Jonah Tully, but he often craves a walk on the wild side and can be lead astray by the right person.
Ambitions Jevan longs to travel, to see beyond Westeros and his duties, to sail the Sunset Sea and explore. So far the furthest he’s travelled is to Winterfell with Jonah.

Personal History Jevan is the third of four surviving children born to his parents. His great great grandfather was Martyn Lannister of Darry who married Amerei Frey after Lancel Lannister left an unconsummated marriage to join the Sparrows. Since then the Lannister line has been diluted some by male Darrys from the female line marrying into the mix, but the blond hair still finds its way through every now and then.

As a second son (and third child), Jevan was sent by his father at the age of nine to be fostered with a trusted family friend and Riverlord - Lord Jonah Tully - on Tully’s return home to The Twins. Here the boy learned honour and stability as well as how to keep calm in the face of adversity.

Calm, demanding, strict, but not unkind, Jon Tully was an old fashioned tutor, a favourite saying of his being "Do as I say, do it now, and do it right.” Jevan learned the hard way to respect this ethos, and though he is far from perfect, he is far more controlled now than his father and brother before him. He’s also learned hand-to-hand and weapons combat from Ser Geoffrey the Green (the captain of the guard), he’s learned and enjoyed fishing with Jonah on the Green Fork of the Trident, and he’s squired for Jonah at tournaments at Riverrun and Harrenhal.

Jevan’s father died when he was 10, gifting his eldest brother - Koryn - the lands, castle and title of Lord Darry at the age of 23.

Koryn is a stern, controlling and forthright person, his sense of justice brutal and direct. He expects his word to be obeyed and it's widely suspected that he played a hand in the death of his wife (Brienne) when she failed to bear him sons.

Jevan shares a temper that he and his elder brother had both inherited from their father, but Tully has honed this some over the years. The last incident where Jevan lost his temper resulted in the scar now marking his right cheek. At fifteen years old, Jevan spent a few months with his family back at Castle Darry when his mother was ill. During this time he fell in love with a small folk lass (Ceria) and she fell pregnant. A scant two weeks after Koryn discovered this piece of information Ceria’s body was fished out of the river. Despite no evidence whatsoever, Jevan accused his brother of causing her death and physically attacked the elder Darry. Koryn bested the boy easily enough and in the doing, marked his face to remind him of his place in the world.

For the last nine years, Jevan has focused on training, on working with and for Lord Tully, and on serving his place as the older man instructed. He’s done his time as a squire, learned to joust and fight in his own right, scored well in the lists at the tournaments, but never won. He craves a victory of his own, a place in the world not defined by his brother. He longs to travel, to see beyond Westeros and his duties, to sail the Sunset Sea and explore. So far the furthest he’s travelled is to Winterfell with Jonah.

Currently Jevan’s brother is ill with a lingering cough that Koryn refuses to admit affects him in any way. Their sister Marielyn runs Castle Darry, its lands and fisheries around it as she always has on her oldest brother’s behalf. Jevan hasn’t been back since his brother kicked him out, though he does keep in touch with his mother and sisters via Ravens, as well as the occasional meeting outside of Darry lands.