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Ser Edric Martell

Name Edric Nymeros Martell

Position House Martell

Rank Ser

Character Information

Gender Male
Race Salt Dornish
Age 28
Home Kingdom Dorne

Physical Appearance

Height 6"4"
Weight 205 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Edric is extremely attractive and he carries himself with unmatched confidence and charisma. He is dedicated to his health, watching what he eats and spending lots of time in sport, exercise, and sparring. With impressive eight-pack abs and large biceps, he has a perfectly sculpted physique unusual for the time. He has an incredibly handsome face with a strong and defined jawline, captivating brown eyes, and dark brown hair. He maintains a clean hair style and light facial hair. The bottom line is, Edric is probably the best-looking man you've ever seen. Guard your wives.


House Martell
Father Prince Nymor Nymeros Martell
Mother Princess Alyssane Yronwood Martell
Brother(s) Arron Martell
Sister(s) Ashara Martell

Personality & Traits

General Overview Edric is a charming man with intense energy and drive. He is direct in his speech and comfortable with initiating conversations and confrontations, but he doesn't like to live in complete chaos. Though some people have the impression of him that he is as wild as his father used to be in his youth, others believe he is just particularly uninhibited and adventurous. A skilled fighter, Edric has been gorged his whole life in the art of war by his father. He stands with a towering and unhidden ambition to climb as high as he can in this world.